Friday, 19 August 2016

♥ What's In My Bag | Everyday Makeup Bag Edition

On a day to day basis, my life consists of either going to the gym and then to work, or going to work and then to the gym. I'm enjoying it at the minute, and it means for the most part I always have my makeup on hand and in a bag ready to take with me on my daily travels. I find taking a bag with set items in is a great way to use products consistently and get any old products used up once and for all. For a girl who hoards three of the same eyeliner, powder and tube after tube of mascara, this is a great habit I've pushed myself into. It's meant I have no other option but to use up the products I've been clinging onto. Keeping a set makeup bag has also meant I've been able to chuck in products that I haven't touched for quite a while and get them finally used up and out of my collection as a means to buy new items as and when I need them. Enough of the chatter, though, here are the bits I take along with me on an every day basis that give me the quick five minute face of makeup as and when I need it.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

♥ Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2016 | Maliboo and Kristen Shade Swatches

If you've been around a while, you'll know that on the very first launch day of Kylie Jenner's cosmetics line I was able to purchase the two shades I deemed suitable for me. I've written blog posts on the lipsticks each time I've purchased and they've become some of my most read posts, unsuprisingly. As the line has continued to expand, so has my own collection of them and now Kylie's even bought out an eyeshadow palette. I'm such a fan of the line and even though I convinced myself I wouldn't purchase again after picking up my absolute favourite liquid lip from the line, 22, but it has been quite a while and I could not pass up on the opportunity to add these beautiful brand new summer shades to my collection of six.

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