Wednesday, 10 February 2016

♥ Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment | Review

If you've been reading my blog for a little while, you might have noticed I've been moaning about my skin a lot over the past few months. I just can't figure out what it is that has given me such bad acne... At first I was blaming my pill - as I was getting huge cystic spots around my chin. But I took myself off it and had even more side effects than just the acne I was experiencing. It made me wonder whether that was even the culprit, or whether it was a mixture of a bad diet and not looking after myself enough. I'm still not very sure what caused the horrific acne I was experiencing but this Grease Lightning Spot Treatment from Lush has made the world of difference to my skin over the past few weeks.

I picked it up while searching for a Valentines present for my boyfriend in store, and I've never been a  huge fan of Lush. I love that the products are all natural but I'm just not at all interested in their bath bombs and bubble bars like everybody else seems to be. To be quite frank, I find it overpriced and just can't see the benefits of using a bar of shampoo over the traditional bottle, or a shower jelly over a gel. With that being said, I'd heard so many good things about the Grease Lightning treatment that I had to try it on my acne. I've been trying everything I can think of to try and calm my skin down, I drink so much water and clean my face religiously (and have been even more weary of this since the acne started) so I'm running out of things I can do to try and help my skin clear up. I popped this on the second I got home after buying it, on all of my blemishes, and continued to do so every day a couple of times a day. It cleared up most of the big angry spots I had - without drying my skin out - in a few days. Incredible! No new spots started forming, either, so I'm sure this is doing my skin some good without any of the annoying side effects you can get from other spot treatments. I now apply this once a night and it seems to be doing a great job of calming down blemishes and keeping any new breakouts at bay. I've used so many other spot gels and treatments similar to this, that contain similar ingredients and they've never made this much of a difference - if any, at all - and I feel this one really is helping my skin to heal. I'm really impressed so far and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I definitely think it's worth every penny I spent on it.

If there's another spot treatment you feel I must try let me know, I'm hoping to get my hands on the Dermalogica Clear Start Overnight Treatment as the blogger Hey Claire has said loads of positive things about that.


  1. Fab post lovely, I really want to try this as my skin has been a nightmare as of late so sounds like a great way to help clear my skin :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  2. Wonderful review, i've been always curious about this product.


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