Tuesday, 12 January 2016

♥ Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review / Swatches

I am a huge Kardashians fangirl. I might not look the sort, but I've watched every episode of KUWTK and follow pretty much the entire family on instagram and twitter. Kylie Jenner is my absolute favourite girl in the world. She comes across as so funny and genuine and we all went mad for her plump, nude lips a few years ago. The announcement of her makeup line didn't surprise me at all - everyone knew what to expect. That being said, I am surprised I didn't end up wanting all three colours the line debuted with back in November. I opted for the subtle pink Candy K, the ultimate nude, Dolce K, and left True Brown K for girls much braver than I... I ended up paying just under £50 to get two of the kits and ship them over to the UK. I'm shocked I even managed that, but I had my boyfriend on the case too, and he's the one who actually managed to purchase - I had the two kits in my basket and before I could go through to payment they had sold out. I was so bummed out as I thought I'd missed out on the first batch released. However, half an hour after this - Theo had a confirmation email to say that payment had gone through and they would be shipped in due course. They took a few weeks to arrive in the UK (that I expected) but due to Theo living miles from me, and our conflicting busy schedules, I was unable to get my hands on them until Boxing Day. I wore Candy K that very first time and fell in love...

When it came to purchasing the kits, I didn't know what to expect. The price, I imagined would be similar to the Anastasia liquid lipsticks, and I hoped the pencils would be comparable to MAC's lip liners, so the $29 price tag didn't put me off. Knowing you get two products that will definitely go together perfectly, makes it a win win. It's just under £20 for a liquid lipstick and a lip liner, and when you pay £12.50 for a MAC liner on it's own (or £21 for the liquid lipsticks they've just released), it makes it sound like a bit of a bargain. Personally, I love the packaging. From the boxes it comes in, to the design on the bottle of lipstick it really is beautiful - the attention to detail is just incredible. I love the black, I love the lip motif on the packet, and I love that the tube is clear - so you can see the colour of the product clearly.

Candy K is the pink nude. It's not too pink but it's not too brown, either. It's my perfect sort of pink. As i'm not all that into bright pinks, this is just enough for me. Dolce K is a beautiful caramel coloured lipstick and I can imagine it working well with absolutely any skin tone.

The lasting power of these liquid lipsticks is incredible - they last a good few hours even with eating and drinking. They don't flake off - they just wear off like any lipstick would eventually. And they aren't too uncomfortable. They are drying, but that is to be expected and after a few wears you get used to the texture and the feeling of them when they're on. Other than the drying formula the only other issue I've had is that my Dolce K pencil snapped the second I tried to apply. I assume that it was just bashed in transit because the Candy K pencil is fine! I sharpened, and the same thing happened, so I'm a little annoyed but I think I can deal with a broken pencil.

Overall, I'm so impressed with these and I'm keeping my eyes out for the next release. I'm hoping she comes out with some bolder shades and I'd love to see the line branch out into eyeshadow and lashes - as Kylie's always look incredible! I wouldn't be surprised if she did a lip scrub, like Jeffree Star, either. What do you want to see from Kylie's make up range? Let me know in the comments, girls!

Em x


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