Monday, 28 December 2015

♥ Christmas Makeup / Beauty Haul 2015

This year my friends and boyfriend were very generous with their gifts. The theme was mostly makeup and beauty bits and pieces and I thought I'd pop everything into a haul post to show you the presents I received over the festive period!

I exchanged gifts with two of my best friends that I work with and Nathan, taking note of our Kiko stop in Rome this summer, went in store in Merry Hill and picked up two things for me. He got me the Temptress Lip Set in Deep Wine. It comes with a lip liner and a lipstick in a dark berry red and it looks incredible. The bullet to the lipstick reminds me of the bullets on the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and I'm interested to see how it applies onto the lips! The other gift he got me, from the same festive collection, is the Total Sculpt contour kit in Light to Medium. I've not really tried contouring so I'm super excited to have a play around with this. The highlight shade looks nice and matte and because it has a yellowish tone to it I'm going to see how it works with setting concealer under the eyes. Taryn is apparently an expert listener and bought me the bits I said I really wanted when we popped into Superdrug a few weeks back. She picked me up the Tanya Burr Handy Candy Manicure Kit. This is absolutely perfect, as I have the worst habit of biting and picking at my nails so this is a great encouragement to let them grow nice and long and start looking after them a bit more. She also picked me up some lavender scented candles, as lavender is my go to scent. Theo, my boyfriend, went crazy. He too, listened to everything I have mentioned over the past few months and bought me a collection of stuff I was desperate for. If you caught my Christmas Wishlist post, you'll have seen a few of these bits before. The only thing I asked for (and really hoped I would get) was the Classic Face Brush Set from Zoeva. After falling in love with their eye brushes earlier in the year, I felt my brush collection would be complete with a few of their face brushes, and now it is! Off that wishlist he also bought me the MAC Purple Times Nine palette, It's more beautiful then I imagined and I'm so so excited to try a purple smokey eye now. In the run up to the festive period, Estee Lauder released their Makeup Artist Collection and it had it on sale for half price at one point. I popped it in my basket, really excited to purchase, and boom. Sold out. I couldn't get my hands on it and I was texting Theo how disappointed I was. Little did I know, he'd managed to get one and opening it on Boxing Day was such a shock. It's absolutely beautiful and it was such a bargain. I can't wait to try their mascara and the bright pink lipstick, as it isn't something I'd usually wear - they even threw in a sample size of a new fragrance, which was a nice extra, too. The release of Urban Decay's collaboration with Gwen Stefani didn't really excite me all too much in the beginning. Then everybody was talking about it and my opinion shifted. I thought it looked the perfect mixture of mattes, neutrals and jewel tones and really, really wanted it. Theo got this last minute after listening to me lust over it one too many times, and IBM so glad. I would have bought it for myself anyway, but him surprising me with this made me so happy. Finally, in the last on my beauty related presents, he got me the My Warpaint makeup bag I had mentioned. I bought this for Taryn, and really wanted it for myself, too, so thank you Theo!! 

I am honestly so grateful for the bits I had bought for me this Christmas and I can't wait to start using it all. I'm such a lucky girl!

Did you get anything beauty related for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below as I'd love to know. Hope you're all having a great Christmas break!


  1. The Kiko contour kit looks amazing! I felt the exact same about the Gwen Stefani palette then ended up ordering it for myself after having a swatch in Debenhams!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. I'd never think of buying the contour kit for myself, so to be gifted it is amazing! The quality of it is insane too, so buttery and easy to blend!

  2. it all looks amazing! i love the mac palette :)


    1. The mac times nine palettes are some of the best i've used! For what you get they're great value - a perfect way to try out some mac shades you're unsure of!


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