Thursday, 31 July 2014

♥ How To: Get Through Results Day

Results Day. You have two weeks left of torture. This time last year I'd convinced myself that there was no way I was going to be moving away in September... I already had stationary ready and tins of food piled up in my bedroom. I was working full time and doing my best to be able to save up some spare cash in case I needed it. I had chosen where I would live if I got in and was dreading waking up on that Thursday morning, going into my college and opening up my envelope with all my friends. Luckily, for me, there was no need for the panic that can come with not getting your first choice. I remember waking up incredibly early because I just couldn't sleep. I checked my emails and there it was: 'Something on your application has changed.' I was terrified and already crying. It  turned out to be the best moment of my life. I'd gotten into the university of my dreams and I didn't even know how I'd done in my A Levels yet. None of it mattered though. I was moving to Cornwall and phoned everybody up in tears.

The general gist of how to get through your own results day is to be prepared for the two ways it could go. If you're application was strong and you were likely to get into your first choice, well done, it's probably going to be an easy day for you. But if there are any serious doubts in your mind you need to be prepared for the very worst. Here are a few of the things I did last year, just in case:

Have a clear idea of your second choice university.
When it came down to selecting your wanted institutions you made a second choice for this reason - in case you didn't get into your chosen university on results day. Hopefully, you've already visited this university and got a feel for what it would be like. But by results day make sure that you have researched the university and the course they will provide you with.

Be prepared for clearing.
If one exam really didn't go as planned or circumstances meant that you just didn't do enough to get into either of your chosen universities, make sure to have noted other universities that provide a similar course to the one you would like to do. They will have phone numbers ready for clearing and clearing will go live the morning of results day. So choose a few 'just in case' universities you would see yourself applying to if you had to. Go into your college or school with numbers of these universities and the name of the course so you can give them your results and ask for a place if need be.

Accept your place
If results day does go as planned and you wake up to an email off UCAS like I did, get ready to accept their offer. Well done, you did it!

Either way, I assure you that university will be fun. One of my best friends ended up at Falmouth after it being her second choice university and she loves it. It was a bit more of a struggle for her to sort out accommodation as halls were all already booked, but her rent was much cheaper which made walking the extra fifteen minutes to university wasn't all that bad!

I wish you all get what you deserve and have a happy results day. Get ready to celebrate and have fun in the evening as many clubs do put on special events. If you have any questions or worries, be sure to comment below! Good Luck! :-)

Em x

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

♥ Beauty Bloggers Favourites #2

These two products are many bloggers holy grail of beauty items. Sadly, I only have them in sample size (I'm a student, it's allowed) but they are samples that I have tried time and time again.

First up, Benefit's They're Real mascara. The wand is what makes such a flawless application. It's plastic and has a little ball full of bristles at the end - meaning you can catch every teeny lash. Although you may end up getting the product everywhere the first few times, it is easy to get the hang of and soon becomes the perfect applicator. The formula is really long lasting and doesn't leave a black dust under your eyes at the end of the day, and it comes off easily with a make up remover. It's super black and I will definitely be purchasing this in full size when I've run out!

Next is the much talked about Porefessional. It's a primer that is said to reduce the size and look of pores and it is a tan sort of colour - though this doesn't impact your skin on application. It's quite a thick and smooth formula and does make the skin feel incredibly soft. I've got my hands on this sample quite a few times and it's always a shame when it runs out as I do like the way it creates a nice base for me to work with. I don't believe I would splash out on the retail size though - there are many dupes that work similarly! 

What are your views on these products? Have you loved them enough to pay the price for them, full size?

Em x

Sunday, 27 July 2014

♥ The Sunday Post #13

This week I've not managed to get on Blogger at all. It's been a hectic week up north and doing loads of fun stuff with Tom while I managed to book a little time off work. I'm now back at work (and it seems I'll ever not be in work) for the next few weeks, before heading 'home' to Cornwall before I can even move into my house - yay for boyfriends! I've found the past few weeks at home and work really tough. I'm in a job a really dislike and a job that doesn't pay too well. MY search for jobs in Cornwall, however, has been a disaster. Nowhere has accepted my application and it means come September, I may be in a little trouble.

While visiting Tom and meeting his family, I got taken to go and see the Bronte sisters' village and museum and absolutely loved it. I learnt things about the famous writers I never would have known otherwise - Charlotte was an incredible artist - and bought a few beautiful copies of their novels. We also went to the Lake District and drove a boat and had lovely ice cream. On my first day, we went to the Trafford Centre and I was heartbroken that I never got a chance to spend money... But that's just an excuse to go out of my way to spend the next time I'm there!! Christmas shopping anyone?!

It has been really busy this week and I'm gutted I've not been following people or reading many posts that I can mention but this week I am stepping my game up and getting back into it!

Hope you're all well (and oh my gosh I'm nearly at 100 followers on Bloglovin!)

Em x

Sunday, 20 July 2014

♥ The Sunday Post #12

I'm still in shock that I'm in my twelfth week of The Sunday Post. I've been running this little blog since March and this week I'm nearing the first milestone of 100 Bloglovin followers. It's only a tiny amount, and not a patch on the amount of followers I have over on Tumblr, but when I reach three digits I'll be so proud of this little corner of the Internet I've created. I've been receiving some really lovely feedback recently and it really is spurring me on to think outside of the box and not only write about things I enjoy like my beauty and book posts, but I'm really proud with how many views and responses I'm getting from the university How To's. I've been posting them on facebook and my universities group pages and hopefully these posts will lead me into writing for the universities blog, website or magazine next year and that's really what I want to achieve in second year. It's all coming around really fast, September is a mere six weeks away and I'm already writing up my shopping lists for when I get back to Cornwall.

How cute is the little skincare set my mum won in a raffle?! I believe it's from asda, and I'm super excited to give it a go!

Blogs I followed this week:

Sorry in advance if I'm a bit silent this week.. Tomorrow I'm off to stay in Bolton for a few days, so I may have limited access to my computer!

Em x

Friday, 18 July 2014

♥ If You Do One Thing This Summer...

I've always been a massive reader and I've always been that friend that picks out books that people might like. I've recently found myself yelling at friends to read the book, rather than watch the movie... And the popularity of The Fault In Our Stars is the main reason why. It's a tearjerker alright. As a massive John Green fan, you'd assume I'd watched the adaption - but I haven't. I just didn't like TFIOS. I didn't finish it and I don't think I'll pick it up again for a long while.... and that's ok. It is perfectly alright to put down a book you're not enjoying. It took me ages to decide that it was ok to do so, and now I have, I see myself picking up (and thoroughly enjoying) books I wouldn't have looked twice at otherwise. Young Adult has always been my favourite genre. It's always been my pick me up when things haven't gone so well and reading about the lives of young adults has helped me to live out a childhood I feel I missed out on due to my mother being ill. So, when I do stray away from my beloved YA titles, it's a bit of a shock. It's always a brilliant feeling though - to discover something new to enjoy.

My general gist of this post is to suggest that if you do one thing this summer, pick up one of these books. They're a few of my current favourites and are very popular within their genres.

If I Stay - Gayle Forman
Gayle Forman isn't a big name yet. It will be. With the release of the movie adaption of If I Stay gracing cinema's later this year, and one of the finest young actors in the business - Chloe Grace Moretz - taking on the role of Mia, it's sure to be as big as The Fault In Our Stars. If I Stay is the tale of a young musician whose life is dramatically changed by a fatal accident. Looking upon her own damaged body, Mia has to make the hardest choice of all. A touching story about love and friendship that will almost certainly cause heartache.

Looking For Alaska - John Green
My favourite John Green title had to be included. Looking For Alaska was John Green's debut novel and is soon to become a movie, too, after the huge commercial success of TFIOS. Alaska is a book that follows protagonist Miles, who has a strange obsession with famous last words, to boarding school where he meets the mysterious Alaska Young. When she doesn't return romantic feelings, Miles is shook but never disheartens and when Alaska is killed due to driving, drunk, Miles and his friends are all battered by the news. It's a brilliant read, and I'm almost certain that you've seen the famous 'if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.' line from this novel. John Green captures young lust beautifully within this title!

Tuesdays With Morrie - Mitch Albom
I purchased this title in Kuala Lumpur airport because I had an eight hour stop over and was feeling too ill to go and sight see the city. A few of Mitch Albom's titles had caught my eye before and a few have even been lying in my 'Wish List' on Amazon for a long while... but I'd never actually picked one up. I do like my sad stories and this memoir jumped out at me because I knew my best friend, Paige, had been reading a few of his books and had been emotionally distraught by them. I knew that this book would capture my heart but I didn't realise it would take me on such a journey. Tuesdays With Morrie is a heart wrenching memoir by Albom about a professor he had a very surreal relationship with. The wise old Morrie teaches Mitch - and now his 11 million readers - that death is a beautiful journey. Morrie teaches you that if you do all you want to with your life, your death will come naturally and you will embrace whichever path death takes you on. At times it can get a bit difficult to read because it's so vivid and emotional - but it is definitely a book you will want to finish.

Do you think you're going to have a go at these titles? Or have you read any of them? Let me know your thoughts!

You can also check out my Wish List full of books on Amazon here. You may get some inspiration to read something different - and Amazon is a super cheap way to buy books!

Em x

Sunday, 13 July 2014

♥ The Sunday Post #11

Going back to work this week has meant I've had absolutely no time to do anything productive - other than go to work. While I am back earning money and sorting my finances out a little, it is annoying to be thrust right back into it, and having no time to myself to just chill out. Yesterday I even ended up working from nine am until midnight because someone couldn't come in. It was completely my decision to stay and extend my usual eight hour shift into a fifteen hour one - and yes, I needed the extra money - but boy is work making my life so much harder! I'm back in at three pm today, and I'm there tomorrow. Now, it has been a five day working week, like many people experience... But with different shifts every day and the irregularity of my job it just seems as though all the effort and hard work isn't worth it. I'm counting down the days until a new job in Cornwall comes my way!

To make my awful week just a little better, I finally got myself a Naked palette. I'm obsessed with it. Every shade is beautiful and even though I haven't yet had a chance to play around with it, I know I'll use it loads!

Blogs I followed this week:

Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday! I'm sure you'll be having more fun than I will be!

Em x

Friday, 11 July 2014

♥ How To: Cope with your Reading List!

This time last year I'd just gotten confirmation of my place at Falmouth University and I had a rather large Reading List to not only purchase, but attempt to get through before term started. Did I manage this? Well, I purchased almost everything - some of the semester two books could wait a little while - but I never actually read a single book. All year. I skimmed through most and read enough to be able to hold an argument in a seminar and I somehow held enough knowledge of the books I wrote essays on to get 2:1's all round in my second semester... But leaving these readings until the week before the seminar pops up, or (worst case scenario)*, until you need to write an essay is never a good idea.

I've recently been given the reading lists for my second year on my Creative Writing degree and though it only includes four core modules worth of reading at the moment there's a whopping 31 texts for me to get through before summer is up. And I'm still waiting for my other two modules lists to come through! We are definitely looking at over forty books or texts and if that's not a daunting summer long task, I honestly don't know what is.

So, before ending up in a pickle and using your Reading Week** to catch up on all that work you've failed to do, make sure you at least start some of your reading.

Start early
Purchase your books as soon as you know what it is you're going to need. It could be pricey if you get them in all one go, so buy them in a couple of sections. Second semester books can wait until Christmas time!

Charity shops are your friends!
If you're doing an English degree there's a chance you'll have a few classics you'll need to get your hands on. Charity shops are popping up all over the place and sell books super cheap. Trawl through them whenever you see one and you may just find that Shakespeare for £2!

Amazon - 1p books? Yes please!
Second hand book sellers on Amazon sell loads of books for one penny (and a £2.80 postage charge) which is really good. A lot of the time they've never been tampered with so it's definitely worth going through Amazon before heading to Waterstones!

If you do pick up academic books up of Amazon, they may be annotated by previous owners (I've bought a few which have been and it's been a godsend). A few of the more complex books you may need to make notes in - then you're prepared with questions when you hit a certain topic.

Second Years
Get involved in the online community most universities set up for students. At Falmouth we have countless course pages and the second years were selling the books they'd purchased for first year to us freshers for £1 a book in them. Don't be afraid to post in group pages asking about the opportunity to take some of their old books off their hands.

Don't rely on the library
If you end up borrowing all your books from the library and forget to renew them or take them back in time you're going to be left with a rather large fine - one which would cost more than the books would have. It's really not worth borrowing them if you know there's a chance you'll forget to return them! For some of the more expensive academic books, it might be your only option but make sure to return or renew. You can do this online, too, so it's not much of a hassle.

If reading this has worried you, please, don't panic! My reading list is insane because I do an English based degree. Many other degrees don't have as extensive reading lists but there is a chance you'll still have to buy a few academic books which can get pretty costly so do shop around!

*Do not let yourself get into a worst case scenario. If you're still to read the novel you're writing about two weeks before deadline you'll have put yourself under unnecessary pressure and your work will suffer!

**Reading Week is actually a thing, but in my first year we had to show up to more than we would in a usual week at university! So you may end up pretty busy and unable to tackle a hefty workload. Also, it's a week off!!! You wanna enjoy it - not be stuck in doing work!

I hope if you've received a reading list you're looking forward to reading some of the stuff included! Good Luck!

Em x

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

♥ Where To Shop #1

I've started doing a ton of features lately, the first I started being my Sunday Post and now my university How To feature. But the idea of sharing any special offers or coupons or discounts I am aware of with my readers isn't a new one. I'd first wanted to do this way back in April and I didn't get around to posting before half of the offers weren't valid anymore. Though I do try and tell of any offers relevant to my posts at time of publish, I thought a post every other week would be a place to group loads of offers together! Here are some current offers available:

Superdrug Offers:
2 for £10 - Rimmel make up
I mentioned this in my Five Under Five post and I'll put it out there again. If you know you're going to need to purchase some make up, it's definitely worth taking up this offer! Especially if you're after a foundation - bottle's worth seven or eight pounds are included in this offer so it would be a massive saving if you used this offer to purchase a foundation and mascara!

3 for 2 - Real Techniques
Also advertised on Superdrugs homepage is that the most sought after high street brush brand are on offer! This is excellent for those of you who haven't yet dived into the world of Real Techniques - they really are incredible brushes. The only downside to this is if you're okay with buying online, is that it's still much cheaper to buy these brushes (separately) off Amazon.

Offers page
Superdrug do have a direct 'Offers' page. It's always worth looking through when you get a chance. My favourite section is the better than half price part. I recently picked up a Herbal Essences hair mask for less than two pounds after seeing it featured online!

Free Delivery when you spend £10 online!
I don't think Superdrug ever get rid of this offer. So if you're certain of what products you want to buy it's definitely worth taking advantage of this offer if buying online is an easier option for you!


I've only ordered from e.l.f once before and it was when they had a sale on. The quality of their make up is brilliant for the price you pay. It's all pretty cheap anyway so with a 51% off sale it means you can walk away with loads of items without splashing out too much. The only downside to this offer, as with most of e.l.f's offers, there's a minimum purchase amount in order to qualify.
This time it's £25 that you have to spend, but with half price off you'll be walking away with plenty of new products! This offer has just been extended so get shopping before its over. This sale means that their moisturising lipsticks are only around £2! Excellent value.

e.l.f Cosmetics - Free shipping
Aside from a massive sale to celebrate their birthday, e.l.f are also offering free delivery on any purchase over £20.


Boots - No7 Buy one get one half price
Boots' own make up range is on offer again. This time it's buy one product get one half price.

Boots - 3 for 2
As ever, Boots currently have a three for two promotion. I've not been in store to see which products are included but the link takes you straight through to the online offers page which all items in 3 for 2 are listed. It looks as though Max Factor is the make up brand featured.


ASOS Summer Sale
ASOS are finally pushing out their 'final reductions' on their summer sale. Some items have up to 70% off, so if you've still got a bit of holiday shopping to do it's worth a look!


Topshop Summer Sale
Topshop are still adding lines to their mid season sale too. With new lines still being added and their make up range on sale for as little as £3 it's definitely worth looking at.

Topshop Free Delivery 
Topshop are offering free delivery with any purchase over £50. It seems a lot, especially if you're sale shopping but Topshop items, such as jeans would cost more than half of that limit so if you're looking for a few items - take advantage! A similar offer is available to shoppers outside of the UK - a £100 spend will bag you free international shipping!

If you are aware of anymore fabulous deals or coupons available only or in store right now, share them below in the comments!

Em x

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

♥ Five Under Five Pounds

With being a student and all, budget beauty buys are a massive weakness of mine. It's always a brilliant feeling to find a product you can use time and time again and not feel too guilty doing so. These are my five current beauty bargains that all come in at under five pounds and if you haven't picked them up yet - get to it!

Maybelline Baby Lips
I've spoken about these little tubes of greatness a few times. I sing their praises all the time and it's with very good reason. Priced at only £2.99 you can't go wrong. With eight options available, some providing you with a splash of colour and the others following a traditional transparent formula, there is one you're bound to love. My favourite pick of the bunch is definitely Cherry Me!

MUA eyeshadow palette in Undressed
The world of eyeshadow is really new to me. I've not long bothered with it as I always went for a more natural look and finished with a bit of liquid liner, but as I've started experimenting with makeup, eye shadow palettes are becoming a weakness. This amazingly pigmented 12 shade palette costs only £4 from Superdrug and has shades to wear down, on a hot summers day or the darker tones in the palette can be used to dress up any eye look of an evening! It's a brilliant alternative to the higher priced palette's bloggers go on about!

Rimmel's Wake Me Up Concealer
A huge favourite of mine is Rimmel's Wake Me Up concealer. It's a brilliant little wand that can brighten up under the eyes and really help to illuminate dull skin that costs just over five pounds. It has decent longevity and looks super natural. It's a perfect addition to any make up bag!

Barry M Lipstick
Lipstick is another thing I've never really bothered with. I just didn't feel confident enough to wear it and this is the first one I ever dared to purchase. It's quite a dark shade - 160, I'm not too sure of the name though - and it's perfect for a darker make up look on nights out! I used this all through winter and costing as little as it does I was surprised by how well it lasted! Sometimes I'd wake up after a night out and still have traces of it on my lips! Definitely a good price for a lipstick if you're unsure and don't want to splash out. Another brilliant thing about this is the range of shades Barry M do. There is definitely a shade to suit everyone.

Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner
I have repurchased this time and time again. It's my favourite liquid eyeliner and it lasts all day long. It's very black and the flexible wand is perfect for an easy application. It's a great product and I always have a back up around! It is a little over five pounds, but the extra fifty pence isn't going to be missed.

*I know the two Rimmel products come in at over five pounds, so it's a bit cheeky of me to include them, but at the time of posting this Rimmel products are two for £10 in Superdrug so you can pick them up for five pounds each! 

Have you used any of these products, or does the tiny price tag make you curious to try them? Let me know!

Em x

Sunday, 6 July 2014

♥ The Sunday Post #10

This week has been beyond boring. Aside from Tom coming to visit for a few days I've not done a whole lot as the lack of a job in Cornwall has pushed me to the end of my overdraft. It's such a horrible feeling and I'm more than ready to get back to work and start earning some pennies!

One naughty thing I did do this week is put my credit card to good use. I splashed out on some new furniture for my bedroom in Birmingham. This included a pretty new bed and a bookshelf that isn't big enough, but it looks really pretty and bless my boyfriend for putting it together for me while I was obsessing over Andy Murray's last match in this years Wimbledon! I'm chuffed that my bedroom at home is finally coming together as it's finally a nice place to hang out again.

Other than that I've been spending my days making lists and trying to figure out how much money I will have flowing in (and sadly, out) of my account over the coming weeks so my organisation skills are growing and slowly driving me insane! There's only so many lists a girl can write, guys!

From next week, I've decided I'm going to take a similar approach to Rebecca's blog, Autumn Leaves, in my Sunday posts. Aside from letting you guys know what I've been up to, I want to share the blogs I've followed or the posts I've really enjoyed in that week. Hopefully this will mean that people get to see blogs they haven't before and read posts they wouldn't usually come across!

Hope you're all having a relaxing Sunday!

Em x

Friday, 4 July 2014

♥ How To: Budget

At uni, it can all get very confusing being alone for the first time. Being financially dependent on only yourself is not only a daunting and stressful task for someone who's never had to worry about money before, but if you're not keeping an eye on what you spend and where you could land yourself in money trouble. This is definitely something that you don't want to happen in the first term (or year) of uni and it's probably something you'll want to avoid forever.

My most useful tips for all of you heading of to university for the first time in September are to: 
  • keep a diary
  • know your outgoings
  • know your incomings
  • have a weekly budget
A diary or year planner/filofax will be an excellent space to not only jot down what lectures and seminars you have, but it will also give you a space to record when your phone bill or netflix money is going out of your account! This means there shouldn't be any surprises when you go to check your balance and forty pounds has vanished and you can't quite work out why. For some of you, moving to university may mean you are still able to hold down a job (transfers are a thing, so ask employers now before it's too late). This means you'll still have an income other than your student loan and that's an ideal position to be in. Again, make a note of any and all paydays and what hours you work so you are being paid on time and the correct amount. Lastly, having a weekly budget is something that really helped me through first year. It may be tempting to go out and spend your loan on clothes but that's not the best idea, now, is it? It's not that hard to work out your budget either! Take the total amount of loan, minus your expenses (rent), and then divide by the number of weeks you're going to be away from home. This will give you a rough estimate of how much you have per week which you can then divide up into money to be spent on food, money for nights out and 'overflow' money, just in case you have any unexpected charges.

Something to keep in mind is that there are likely to be hidden charges you haven't thought about yet. Required reading may mean you have two - or twenty - books to purchase before term starts. Depending on your degree this could vary. My degree in English meant that for first year I did have to get about twenty books and that can amount to a lot on money. Amazon/Ebay and charity shops are saviours when it comes to reading lists. Buy them as cheap as possible! Also, there are other little things that all add up. Printing assignments and library fees could catch you out.

In my opinion, food is the easiest way to loose money while you're at university. For my first semester the girls and I would order take out, go out to eat and just snack all day while we were at uni. Also, while in my halls the only place to socialise was the kitchen, so we'd snack while we were bored or watching television of a night. Luckily, my campus is very close to a 24 hour ASDA, so food can be quite cheap. My top food tip for anyone going to university would be to learn to cook a variety of things before hand. Simple ingredients go a long way - spagbol, and stir fry can be pretty quick to rustle up and will cost a few pennies a portion.

This post is part of a feature I hope to continue all through summer to help those of you who are off to university in September. I hope it will be of help and I'd love to hear if you think this is a good idea for a permanent feature on my blog!

Em x

Thursday, 3 July 2014

♥ Wishlist #2: Summer

I'm finally back in Birmingham for the summer and the only thing I'm focusing on is how little money I have... (I can't even afford my phone bill!) I'm fairly sure summer will be hectic, trying to squeeze in enough hours at work to put my bank account into plus figures and I've also got plans to travel up to Bolton to spend time with Tom this summer while we're away from university. On top of that I have friend's birthdays coming up and plans to spend as much time as possible with my best friend, Paige, as being away from her is probably the hardest thing to deal with as I attend a university three hundred miles away from home.

I'm pretty excited to go back to work and I might even ask around for a bar job for during the evenings just because I'm desperate for a little extra cash. Working means I'll have a regular income (hopefully four or five paydays!!!!) and I won't feel so guilty splashing out on luxuries I don't particularly need - just want.

But before I can even think about spending again, I think it's time to implement a 'spending ban'. I've tried this before, but I've never successfully done it. So, this time. I'm doing it for good. Two weeks. No spending. I'm only allowed to spend money on travel... Which, because I'm in the city, can get expensive!

Because of this spending ban, I thought I'd make a wishlist to give me motivation to work and be able to treat myself when I'm in a position to be able to buy luxuries again. Here goes:

First up, I'm desperate to get my hands on an Urban Decay palette. I want to start with the Naked Basics as it's a whopping £15 cheaper than the full Naked palettes and I want a feel for the brand before I jump in and spend forty quid on a palette I'll potentially get bored of.

Next up are something a bit cheaper. The Pop & Glow cream blush in Rose Blossom from No 7. I'd also quite like the highlighter that No 7 do in the same format as the cream blush stick and I've spotted online that with any two purchases in the No 7 range you get a free summer gift set worth a massive £22. Hopefully that will be something I manage to get my hands on!

Now my Real Techniques foundation brush just isn't cutting it. I really want to try the MAC 190 Foundation Brush. It comes in at £27 so hopefully, toward the end of summer I'll be able to get in into my brushes box!

Also from MAC, I'd love a bright orange lipstick. When I went to Indonesia I spent ages in the airports mulling over whether or not I should purchase their Morange lipstick. I didn't because I knew I'd regret spending the money on makeup and not something to do with the country I had visited. I'm definitely going to make this one of my must-buy products for summer though!

Finally, I think by the end of summer my trusty grey Converse will have given up on me and that means for second year I'll need a new pair! This time I think I'll go for just a classic black pair which can be dressed up or down.

Are there any items you're lusting after this summer?

Em x

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