Sunday, 27 July 2014

♥ The Sunday Post #13

This week I've not managed to get on Blogger at all. It's been a hectic week up north and doing loads of fun stuff with Tom while I managed to book a little time off work. I'm now back at work (and it seems I'll ever not be in work) for the next few weeks, before heading 'home' to Cornwall before I can even move into my house - yay for boyfriends! I've found the past few weeks at home and work really tough. I'm in a job a really dislike and a job that doesn't pay too well. MY search for jobs in Cornwall, however, has been a disaster. Nowhere has accepted my application and it means come September, I may be in a little trouble.

While visiting Tom and meeting his family, I got taken to go and see the Bronte sisters' village and museum and absolutely loved it. I learnt things about the famous writers I never would have known otherwise - Charlotte was an incredible artist - and bought a few beautiful copies of their novels. We also went to the Lake District and drove a boat and had lovely ice cream. On my first day, we went to the Trafford Centre and I was heartbroken that I never got a chance to spend money... But that's just an excuse to go out of my way to spend the next time I'm there!! Christmas shopping anyone?!

It has been really busy this week and I'm gutted I've not been following people or reading many posts that I can mention but this week I am stepping my game up and getting back into it!

Hope you're all well (and oh my gosh I'm nearly at 100 followers on Bloglovin!)

Em x


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