Sunday, 13 July 2014

♥ The Sunday Post #11

Going back to work this week has meant I've had absolutely no time to do anything productive - other than go to work. While I am back earning money and sorting my finances out a little, it is annoying to be thrust right back into it, and having no time to myself to just chill out. Yesterday I even ended up working from nine am until midnight because someone couldn't come in. It was completely my decision to stay and extend my usual eight hour shift into a fifteen hour one - and yes, I needed the extra money - but boy is work making my life so much harder! I'm back in at three pm today, and I'm there tomorrow. Now, it has been a five day working week, like many people experience... But with different shifts every day and the irregularity of my job it just seems as though all the effort and hard work isn't worth it. I'm counting down the days until a new job in Cornwall comes my way!

To make my awful week just a little better, I finally got myself a Naked palette. I'm obsessed with it. Every shade is beautiful and even though I haven't yet had a chance to play around with it, I know I'll use it loads!

Blogs I followed this week:

Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday! I'm sure you'll be having more fun than I will be!

Em x


  1. The naked 2 pallette is honestly the best one out there! I love it so much. And your blog is so good and interesting, keep up the great work Em! xo


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