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♥ Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2016 | Maliboo and Kristen Shade Swatches

If you've been around a while, you'll know that on the very first launch day of Kylie Jenner's cosmetics line I was able to purchase the two shades I deemed suitable for me. I've written blog posts on the lipsticks each time I've purchased and they've become some of my most read posts, unsuprisingly. As the line has continued to expand, so has my own collection of them and now Kylie's even bought out an eyeshadow palette. I'm such a fan of the line and even though I convinced myself I wouldn't purchase again after picking up my absolute favourite liquid lip from the line, 22, but it has been quite a while and I could not pass up on the opportunity to add these beautiful brand new summer shades to my collection of six.

The three shades Kylie brought out as her sort of 'summer' release were Maliboo, a cool toned nude, Kristen, a warm brown berry shade and Ginger, a warm terracotta brown. Ginger was just too brown for me, and so I only picked up Maliboo and Kristen and of course, I had to share the two with you.

Nothing seems to have changed in terms of packaging and delivery, apart from the less conspicuous outer box. They've ditched the white box with black dripping design that was easily identifiable as so many packages were going missing and getting opened, but I don't believe this safety measure helps at all when it's clearly stated in labelling on the box exactly what is inside. Again, I was hit with a pretty hefty customs charge of around £17, which is infuriating after spending so much money on the lipsticks and the delivery of them, but this I feel is something we're all aware of now every time we purchase. Again, the delivery cost $14.95 and the total cost of my purchase ended up online as $72.95, but back here in the UK the total cost of purchase (including currency fees on my card payment and customs) was £75.23 for the two lipsticks and two liners! Ouch.

In terms of formula, I do think these are different to the others I've got in my collection. The first batch I bought (Candy K and Dolce K) were really drying, quite thick and mousse like in texture. Then the next few I bought, (Koko K, Posie K and MaryJo K) were less drying, but were much thinner in consistency and therefore easier to apply. They continued this newer formula with the shade 22 and it seems to be the same with Kristen and Maliboo, I believe the texture of the lipstick has changed dramatically since the first release and it's great - because I can barely feel these lipsticks on my lips now even after hours of wear and find myself checking that they are still on my lips. The only issue I've had with these are the time it takes the liquid to dry down. They last just as long as the others and the thinner consistency of the new formula makes the lipstick much easier to remove which is a god send when you're out and want to easily get the lipstick off!

When it comes to being comparable to other shades in the line, Kristen is the second dark dusty pink Kylie has released. It's a much redder, coral pink than Posie K, which is quite a mauve blue pink. Maliboo, is a super light nude, that sits very close to Candy K and Dolce K (I'm unsure about Exposed, as I don't own it) but it's the lightest nude I have in my Kylie Cosmetics collection.

(L-R: Kristen, Maliboo)

I know so many people think these products are way hyped up and not worth the price tag at all, but the shades are absolutely incredible and I don't think we can get very many good dupes for them at all here in the UK, so I'm happy to spend my hard earned money on these products. They are by no means perfect, but like any other makeup brand, you're paying for the name on the packaging and Kylie can get away with charging this money for her lip kits. It is a shame, I think, they don't release them in singles straight away yet, but it does make the purchasing process much, much cheaper now and I would recommend to pick up the liquid lipstick singles only because I've had shitty experiences with the majority of my liners - they break off and don't sharpen well for me at all - this is something I've spoken about in my other Kylie Cosmetics posts though, so I won't go on.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my Kylie Cosmetics purchases just like I always am. I'm a sucker for these lipsticks and I do get so much use out of them. My one tip would be that if you want to purchase (it's now really easy to find out exactly when a certain product is coming back in stock) get together with a few friends - even if it's just one - and that way you can split the price of shipping and any customs charges you get when they arrive in the UK.

 (L-R: pinks in Koko K, Posie K, Kristen)
(L-R: nudes in Candy K, Maliboo, Dolce K)

Read my first Kylie Cosmetics blog post here, read about Koko, Posie and MaryJo here and I also have this post on my all time favourite shade, 22!

Em x


  1. Of all the Kylie lip kit shades Kristen is the only one I've considered buying! I wish I had the color in a regular matte lipstick, I'm not a big fan of liquid lipsticks.

    1. It's not my favourite if I'm honest! It's not a very me shade, but I'm sure I can work with it at some point. I swear I buy them just for the sake of it - like Mary Jo K, I've never ever worn it because I don't like red lipstick, but I just had to buy it. So so silly hahaha. These are so good now they've changed the formula though, barely feels like anything on your lips! xx

  2. Kristin is a lovely shade! I have heard such terrible stories about going through the process of actually buying and getting these I just don't think I would be up for it haha!!
    Kathy x


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