Monday, 25 July 2016


It's been a long while since I went into Boots and just went crazy. However, I've had my eyes on quite a few things from my favourite high street brands for quite some time now and I'd been waiting to buy everything together and get some extra little points on my advantage card with the use of double points offers. So that's exactly what I did, and fifty quid later, I finally have something to post here.

I'm going to start with eyes because these products are the few I'm most excited about. I had been into the idea of using a bright colour eyeliner for ages and when I saw the NYX Vivid Brights liquid liner collection, I was a little obsessed. They're such beautiful, bold shades and my favourite colour to use at the moment is orange, so of course I went and picked out the shade 'Vivid Delight'. It's a beautiful, muted burnt orange shade and the brush is a flexible thin one, not a felt pen style, which is exactly how I apply my liner best. At only £5.50 I couldn't be happier and if I get along with this I can certainly see my buying some of the other shades. I picked up a second liner from the brand in the form of the Liquid Crystal Liner in the shade 'Crystal Silver'. It's a bit like the Heavy Metal Liner from Urban Decay that I wanted to try, but this one is a third of the price and actually has a decent payoff and amount of glitter in the finish of it. I've seen so many glitter cut crease looks lately and I think this is the perfect way to try it out for myself. The final eye products I picked up from the NYX counter are two of the single shadow pans in the shades 'Stiletto' a beautiful light beige matte nude, which didn't photograph very well for my swatches, and 'Hypnotize' a beautiful golden bronze shimmer. They're nothing totally new to my collection of shadows, but I wanted to try some out as they're only £2.50 a piece and for a magnetic pan that I can slot straight into my Z Palette, I couldn't not try them. Another thing I got roped into buying at the counter was the NYX Glitter Primer. I was mooching around the stand for a really long time and one of the girls said it was the best primer/glitter glue/base they're ever used, even after working in special effects makeup. She raved about it so much that I just had to pick it up to pair with the glitters I already have.

From Maybelline I picked up my trusty Lash Sensational mascara as I've run out, and I also repurchased my go to black liquid liner, the Rimmel Glam Eyes. These are two products that I always pick up, because they're perfect at what they do for me and work amazingly. I'd love to try some more expensive alternatives, but I can never actually convince myself when I know I can get the results I want every single time with these high street alternatives. The final product I bought for my eyes are the Eyesore x Fleur De Force 'Fleur Loves' lashes. I've been wearing false lashes quite a bit recently and I always cut them down shorter than I need so they just emphasise and add volume to the outer corners of my eyes, so these 3/4 length eye lashes are absolutely perfect for me. They're not anything too dramatic, but hopefully they'll add a nice touch to a subtle smoky eye.

For my face, I bought the Bourgois Radiance Reveal Concealer in the shade 'Ivory', simply because concealer is my absolute favourite product and I'd heard some great things about this one. I also bought the NYX Baked Blush in the shade 'Chiffon' as it is a perfect peachy pink with tonnes of shimmer and highlighting properties, which I'm really loving at the minute. It's the perfect summer shade in my opinion and hopefully it'll look great with a bit of a tan.

The lash few things I picked up are a huge new can of Batiste Dry Shampoo. The 400ml kind. I wanted Colab, but since I was shopping in Boots it wasn't available and there was a few quid off the giant can of this so I thought I should pick it up just so I have it to hand at home when I need it. I decided to give Soap And Glory makeup another go and picked up their mini Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in the shade 'Nudist', which is a beautiful nude gloss in stick form. I've tried this over the top of spire and soar lip liners from MAC and it's beautiful! I picked up some Fragrance Free Baby Wipes, as I use them for cleaning up my products, hands, correcting mistakes, wiping foundation off my lips and cleaning down my bedside table and dressing table as they always get so messy. I also picked up some Sure Motionsense Anti-perspirant as I'm back in the gym at least four times a week, and a Carex Moisture Plus Hand Gel, but they have to be some of the most boring purchases ever!

(Bourgois Radiance Reveal Concealer in Ivory)

(NYX Crystal Silver Liner, NYX Glitter Primer, NYX Vivid Delight)

(NYX shadow pans in Stiletto (L) and Hypnotize (R))

(NYX Baked Blush in Chiffon (L), Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist (R))

I feel like this shopping spree and eventual blog post was very, very overdue and I've been MIA for quite a while now. I am trying to produce content and start uploading posts as often as possible because I know I should get back to it. If you'd like to know any more about these products or see a follow up review, please do let me know!

Em x


  1. You picked up some amazing products, I need to try a NYX blusher, I just don't know which one I should try!


    1. I could never decide the first time I went up to a NYX counter, but this one just screamed summer, so I had to!

  2. I love love love the Fluer loves lashes, its my favourite without a doubt, but I do need to try more from NYX, that blusher looks lovely :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. I tried them on for the first time yesterday and I love how subtle they are! Can definitely see myself wearing them a lot! It's so pigmented, it's mad! Definitely worth picking up one if you're at a counter. x

  3. Ooh I love a good shopping trip! That NYX Baked Blush will be perfect for Autumn/Winter as an eye shadow too!

    corrie |

  4. I would love to hear how you like the Glitter Glue, a few of my glittery shadows are gorgeous but have a lot of fallout!


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