Monday, 7 December 2015

♥ Beauty Blender | Review

I never buy into hypes. It takes me ages to persuade myself that something might actually be as good as other people say it is, so I come round to interesting products like this way later than others. It seems as though Beauty Blenders are quite a recent product to be introduced onto the market. I first heard of them maybe a year or two ago, and I couldn't ever excuse paying around £15 for a sponge. I used to buy a big pack of cosmetic sponges in Poundland when I was younger, and popped my makeup on with those and never had an issue. They broke apart and went gross really quickly, and I assumed a Beauty Blender wouldn't be much different.

My gateway into beauty sponges was the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. The finish that gave was incredibly flawless, however the sponge didn't wash too well, and it's now tearing, but it's still a great alternative to the Beauty Blender if the £15 price point is a little too much.

If like me, you've tried other beauty sponges and then move onto the Beauty Blender, the difference in finish is incredible. I wasn't convinced that the sponge would vary too much in texture but it feels completely different, it's less dense, and seems to 'bounce' a lot better than my RT alternative. It's been washed a fair few times and though the dye is running out of it, it's not too bad and there are no tears - something that happened to my RT after a few washes. This can blur out quite heavy foundations to a lighter coverage, so on those occasions I'm wearing my Double Wear, I'll apply with a brush and then use my sponge to buff it much more thoroughly, I'll use it to blend in my powder products (like blush and highlighter) after applying them to really blend them down. It's perfect for popping concealer under the eyes after doing eye make up and whatever else.

All in all, I've found so much use out of this little sponge and I'll willingly repurchase when my current one comes to the end of its tether! They're a great secret santa gift/stocking filler or a great present for anyone who's into make up as, like me, they might not be too convinced to pay such a silly amount for a sponge that won't last as long as a good foundation brush! I'm obsessed.

Em x


  1. Totally agree! I really liked my RT Sponge but it tore so easily and the shape at the tip has disappeared! It's a great budget alternative but I'm really enjoying my beauty blender even though I've only had it a few weeks!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. It's so annoying how the RT one doesn't keep it's shape! Still a brilliant alternative, though!


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