Wednesday, 9 December 2015

♥ MAC Lipstick Collection

My collection of MAC stuff is barely a year old, so the amount of stuff I have from the brand still shocks me a little. It's a tiny one, i'm sure, compared to some of your collections but it's something I'm still quite embarrassed about. Why on earth do I spend all this money on makeup? More importantly, why do I spend all this money on makeup that is super similar and totally irrational? When I spend on MAC, I do it online, and I will put off a haul until I have a spare £100, and then I'll go crazy. I pop over to their counter time and time again when I'm home in Birmingham and it's something I find very intimidating (and it's always awfully busy) so I swatch and swatch and then make mental notes of the things to get next time. The one item that started it all off was the Twig lipstick. I bought it last December, when the hype around the shade was still going. It's a shade that looks quite natural - as lipstick goes - on me as I have a naturally dark lip and I'm not too adventurous with my make up, so I wanted to take small steps and have something that I wouldn't be scared to wear. There was also Creme In Your Coffee. A lovely, dark brown nude that is right up my street. I always go for a brown or bronze eye and I knew a brown lip was something I might be able to pull off, so it was the shade my best friend bought me for Christmas last year. I then ended up with my first pink... Pink Plaid.


  1. I don't think I've tried any of these but they all looks so pretty, specailly loving Creme in your Coffee! I'm the opposite of you haha I'll usually only MAC products when I'm out and happen to see a MAC store x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS


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