Monday, 8 February 2016

♥ Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette | Review

Last week I mentioned the new eye shadow palette from Urban Decay that they have released in collaboration with Gwen Stefani. When I was a kid my dad would always listen to No Doubt and he loved Gwen, and then when she released her own music, I was obsessed. I remember buying her album and listening to it time after time and never ever getting bored of it. Gwen's style has always been something else, and I love that about her. When I caught wind of this release I was so surprised. It was nothing like I expected and I wasn't too interested initially, but then the reviews and videos and swatches began to surface and my opinion completely changed...

I'm going to start by saying that the palette was gifted to me for Christmas. Originally, I had never planned to buy it for myself as it looked pretty boring and the neutral shades were so close to those I already have in my Naked Basics 2 palette that I was sure I could live without it... I did however, encourage myself to buy it with Christmas money after the festive season, but come Boxing Day there was a freshly wrapped gift from Theo that was just the right size. I knew before I even opened it what was and I was so excited. The colours inside the palette are just the right mixture of mattes and shimmers, crease colours and lid colours and there are beautifully pigmented highlight shades too. The texture of each shadow is so fine and buttery and they are so easy to blend. The first time I used the palette I used the shade Punk in the crease to add depth and I was worried it might be a bit awkward to blend out but it worked so nicely and didn't leave any harsh lines and blended to such a nice colour. My most used shades in the palette are the more neutral shades in the top left, like Anaheim, Zone, Steady and Baby. In the photos below, I used the shade Anaheim in the crease, Stark over the lid to lighten it up a little, Zone in the outer corner and Bathwater as a highlight on the inner corner and under the brow bone. The highlight shades in this palette really are something else. I'll quite often use the shade Bootycall from the Naked 2 palette as a highlight on my cheek bones, and I'd do the same with the highlight shades in this palette. They are so fine and not at all chunky, and there are shades to work with all skin tones. The price of this palette shouldn't put you off either, £40 for fifteen shades is a bargain, especially when the majority of the shades in the palette are so wearable - even the yellow gold shade 1987 is one I'm looking forward to using regularly!

Overall, this palette screams perfection to me. I prefer it over my other naked palettes and you get so much product for your money... It's a great investment if you're after a new palette, even more so if you're after really nice neutral shades!

Em x


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