Tuesday, 9 September 2014

♥ Back to Blogging!

I've been shit on the blogging front lately. Not even a little bit absent - I've disappeared and promised more posts and never actually got round to re-drafting my pending topics. It's all set to change though. With the beginning of September, I'm on the mission to get a first in my second year of university (after getting a 2:1 by about 0.4 of a percent last year) and with the beginning of second year, I'm determined to try and carve myself a little part of the internet that I'm honestly proud of and could present to potential employers.

Hopefully I'll have loads going on with a lot of academic reading to do but reading for pleasure still being a priority of mine. I'll be going out, still, but not as much as I did in my first year. I'll be spending more, as rent is a little lower. Hopefully I'll be improving my technology and blog format to get it up to a more professional standard and do better at juggling my life as a student than I have done for the six months or so that this blog has been live!

I do of course, have loads to say about my personal experience with university - all in the hope of persuading younger people to grab the opportunity with both hands. I've loved it all so much and after moving into a student house with my best friends I feel even stronger about the subject! I have plenty of different things I want to share - eating habits will be cropping up, a bit about what I wear and how I spend my time... So I'm hoping the next six months of blogging will go smoothly and I'm hoping you all stick with me while I find my feet again!

Have any of you been to busy to do the things you love recently? Let me know!

Em x


  1. Hey Emily! I'm in exactly the same position as you right now, I'm about to go into my second year of uni and have been so busy recently that I just haven't been posting on my blog! So I have the same resolutions as you, post more and do better this year at uni! Good luck! :) xo

  2. I've been the same, but just stressy about work and stuff but it's soo good to get back blogging
    Love Vicki x

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