Monday, 15 December 2014

♥ Winter Treats

I've been back in Birmingham for an entire week now and only had two days to myself. I've been thrown back into a life of full time work at McDonalds, which I don't particularly mind because it's pretty easy as jobs go... But it's left me super run down and I've managed to pick up a cold even though I just got over one. I'm really not happy about this - especially as I'm working so much and it's pretty gross to be around food when you feel so awful and it's difficult to get days off when there's such a small workforce. I'm sure I'll cope though and to help me through I bought two things I'd really been lusting after. It's definitely helped to cheer myself up and  it's a nice little treat for working so bloody hard this week - and I won 'Employee of the Month' for the second time and with that came a ten pound gift voucher so I couldn't say no to myself, really!

I am so in love with Real Techniques brushes. They make up the majority of my brush collection and when Nic's Picks were released I knew I'd purchase them at some point. At the moment the set is £20 in Superdrug, so of course I had to buy them. This is ten pounds cheaper than you'll find them in Boots and in online retailers and evens out at £4 per brush which is an amazing deal. In the collection is a duo fibre face brush - for lightweight application, an huge oval cheek brush, an angled eye brush, a base shadow brush and an eyeliner brush. While the silver handles would normally shout out 'tacky' to me, I absolutely love the finish of these brushes. They really stand out and they're super soft - just as expected. You'll find them amongst the Christmas gifts and I really would get buying because I'm sure they won't be this cheap forever.

I also picked up Make Up Revolutions 'Iconic 3' (UD Naked 3 dupe) because it's the first time I've come across their counter in Superdrug and I couldn't pass up buying something from it! I'll be writing a post on that soon about the shades and quality, and I might even include some NYE make up looks you could do with it!

I hope you're all well and feeling much better than I am, bare with me as I am working full time (with a bar job on the side) and awful shift patterns don't make for much free time!

Em x


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