Friday, 17 April 2015

♥ I Bought a Blender!

Well, my Dad bought it for me after I refused to pay him back, but still... I've been in the market for a blender for what seems like forever and this Breville Blend-Active was everywhere I looked. Then, while food shopping last week with my father I noticed it with a £19 price tag in Morissons and could not say no. I picked it up and told him I'd pay him back. He went on to tell me later in the evening that he'd spotted it a few weeks ago and was going to buy it for me, so he didn't want the money back and that worked out brilliantly for me!

I've been getting into the habit of eating as healthy as I can and I think this is the perfect device to make smoothies, soups and protein shakes with! I'll most likely be sharing my recipes as I go along with this one, but if you're after any inspiration you can go and watch Vivianna Does Makeup's video on the smoothies and juices she makes, over here! There are hundreds of  really simple recipes online and I've got a load of fresh and frozen fruit waiting to be used so I can't wait to start using this and hopefully consuming more fruit and veg than usual.

I've already started changing up some recipes by putting soaked oats into the equation of a morning to make a satisfying and filling breakfast smoothie. They add texture and get loads of protein and fibre into your diet. I'll add honey, too, for a bit of natural sweetness or peanut butter to banana based concoctions. I'm really loving playing around with this at the minute, so if you have any tips or tricks to share please do!

Em x


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