Thursday, 12 February 2015

♥ My Five Favourite Youtubers

Zoella and the likes have completely blown up in the past few years. Youtubers are coming out with books left, right and centre and though that makes me a little annoyed (some of us are actually doing degrees to end up with this rather than being handed publishing deals by penguin and given ghost writers) it does prove how mad the world has gone for internet sensations.

I've been into Youtube for years. I discovered Zoe a few of years ago and friends introduced me to the likes of Jenna Marbles and Hanna Hart. I became obsessed with these people that shared little snippets of themselves through ten minute videos and now, I check Youtube multiple times a day.

Here are my current top five video bloggers!

1. Essie Button
I'm pretty sure I followed Essie's blog before I got ahold of her Youtube channel. She is so funny and really down to earth. She's a girl I'd love to have in my friendship circle because she's so upbeat and care free. I love how she does what is expected of bloggers - like sharing her months favourites and make up tutorials... But she also does thing's no one else does. She had shared her favourite types of tea, started a 'healthybutton' hashtag and most recently a new book club. Her video on Amy Poehler's autobiography, Yes Please, made me really want to pick it up.

2. Velvetgh0st
Gabby is another hilarious girl that I want to be best friends with. She's so genuine and wants to do more with her life than what she currently has. She is lumped in with the likes of Zoella - they're friends - but she seems much more down to earth and certainly isn't trying to be anyone she's not. I'd say she's the youtube that's most like me - super ditzy and silly, and a right girly girl!

3. Grav3yardgirl
Bunny is my spirit animal. I know I've said all of these youtubers are funny, but Bunny is hilarious. She uploads every single day - which I love. I'm constantly checking back to her page to see what she's been talking about and her Pintertest series is incredible. She's crazy and cute and so original. I

4. Tanya Burr
Probably the most 'famous' out of my favourites. Tanya really has created a name for herself in the world of makeup. After being dragged into it all with the Real Techniques sisters, Sam and Nic because they're her boyfriends older sisters she grew to love make up and make up artistry and like Sam and Nic have brought out their own range of brushes, Tanya has her own eyelash line, along with nail polishes and lipglosses. They are super affordable and really good quality and she uses her own products (and a good mix of high end and high street products) in videos all the time.

5. Miss Budget Beauty
I am such a huge fan of both the blog and youtube. Her videos are super casual and chatty and I absolutely love that, the products she reviews and uses are for the most part affordable and available in Boots or Superdrug and with the drugstore being the place I go to when I get my products, it's brilliant to be able to keep up to date through these videos!

So these are my favourite women on YouTube, there are obviously loads more that I love, but these girls are the ones I get excited about watching! Who are your favourites?

Em x


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