Saturday, 28 February 2015

♥ MAC Haul #1

Pretty ambitious isn't it, calling this number one (of hopefully many) MAC hauls. I've fallen head over heels for the brand and after buying my very first lipstick (Twig, right before Christmas) I've been desperate to try more of the products they have to offer. I recently turned the ripe ol' age of twenty and I thought as a little present to myself I would splurge a little on some items that I'd been lusting after for a while.

I've been wanting to get into the habit of doing my eyebrows for a really long time. I put myself off the idea of bold brows when I was around sixteen. I'd fill them in with pencil and looking back, I just didn't really need to. They looked terrible and over drawn and a little hilarious, to be honest! Now, I'm pretty desperate to start really trying with make up, and a good brow is sometimes an essential. So I bought the Fluidline Brow Gel in Deep Dark Brunette. To be honest, I don't believe for one minute that brows must be done to make your face, like a lot of people do. The majority of the time, I feel as though my brows do look fine as they are - they are big, dark and a bit bushy and you can see the shape and colour of them without any product at all. But at least I now have the perfect product for when I do want to enhance them.

I bought two eye shadows in the shades Mythology (top right) and Honesty (bottom right). I bought a four pan palette to put them in and I'm sure I'll fill it up pretty soon. They both have a ton of shimmer in them and look great together. I'll be posting these in a make up look later in the week. I take Honesty all over the lid and use Mythology in the crease and under the lower lash line. They have pretty good staying power, too. I did notice some creasing, but this was only when I went to take my make up off, after around eleven hours of wearing it!

Finally, I bought another lipstick - this time in a pinky shade. I bought Pink Plaid because it's nice and light. I usually rock quite a dark lip so hopefully I can change it up a bit with this colour. It's my first matte mac lipstick and I'm so excited to try and work this into a natural everyday look!

What should I try next from mac? Any shadows that I just need in my collection? Let me know!

Em x


  1. A beautiful lipstick shade! I really want to try their brow gel as like you, my eyebrows are something I'd like to start doing. Lovely post, I'm now following you on bloglovin :) Rebecca | xx


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