Thursday, 5 March 2015

♥ What I'm Reading

In honour of World Book Day 2015 I've compiled a list of the books I'm currently burying my head in. Reading is something I've always loved. My Nan was my main parent/guardian when I was growing up and we spent our weekends heading to the library to pick out new novels. I definitely got my love of books from these childhood moments spent in the children's section of the library and falling head over heels with the written word. I have a pretty extensive collection of my own books now, which I call my little library, and the collection gets bigger and bigger with every academic year that passes. Enough of that, though, here are the titles I'm getting stuck into this month!

Yes Please - Amy Poehler
If I told you I'm reading this because of university, would you believe me? Lucky me. I got to choose an autobiography of my choice to read for one of my modules, so we can explore who we are as writers and how our lives can be reflected in our work. When we were asked if we already had an autobiography to hand my answer was no. Then, Essie Button went on about how much she enjoyed Yes Please, so I just had to. I'm loving it so far and it only took me a few days to have read the majority of it! It really is interesting learning about SNL and the crazy journey Amy has been on!

Burton on Burton - Tim Burton
A mature student on my course bought this in for her chosen autobiography and I fell in love with the idea of this existing at once. She's very kindly let me borrow it, and I'm so excited to get stuck into the writing of one of my favourite artists in the world. Tim Burton and everything he does (poety, film, artwork) fascinates me and it always has. Such a fan girl but oh my god, it is bound to be brilliant.

We Need To Talk About Kevin - Lionel Shriver
Lionel Shriver was our writer in residence last year at Falmouth University and I'm gutted I never went along to one of her talks. I love the film they made for this book and the style in which this book is written is a tough thing to master and as a writer myself, I can only praise Shriver for nailing it in this book. Because of the way this book is written, it is so hard hitting and emotional. It blows me away. It's narrator is Kevin's mother, who is reaching out to her estranged husband after their son has killed some of his peers in a school shooting. A really gritty read for all ages, I think!

If there is only title in this bunch you want to try I would highly recommend Yes Please! Let me know if there's any book that I should definitely be picking up, anything on the bestsellers list that is doing its rounds at the moment? I'd love to know the sort of titles you're into!

Em x


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