Wednesday, 11 March 2015

♥ My First Beauty Box

I've looked into buying a beauty box for such a ridiculously long time now and when Love Me Beauty emailed to say I could have a box at half the price they usually sell them for, I caved. I paid £8.95 (£5, and £3.95 postage) for the box and received seven goodies in total. I'm going to start by saying that the packaging is of such a high standard, it amazes me they can sell these boxes at such a low price. When creating a subscription with Love Me Beauty you have the chance to either pick out six credits worth of products or you can be sent products at random. For my first box, I chose what I would get, but I think next time I'll try a random selection of products for the element of surprise. When choosing a subscription you can either buy a rolling contract that gets you a box at £10 per month, or can opt for it to be cheaper through buying longer subscriptions and you get the box cheaper each month. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper the box will be.

With my credits, I purchased the following items:
A Popband hair tie, that promises to leave no kinks in the hair. This is perfect for me as I tend to go for hair ties that are just elastic - no metal that can snag or break strands of hair. They even look snazzy when you keep them on your wrist too. I also opted for a 'perfecting face polish' from Organic Surge. It has lemon and rosemary in it and smells divine and I can't wait to use this after cleansing. It says on the bottle it's suitable for sensitive skin, too, which is always a nice bonus but I suppose this comes with it being an organic and natural product. I'm desperately trying to fix my skin and acne out, so next up I chose out three products from the skincare brand Monu. I'm pretty sure I had an email from LMB announcing this as a brand that's new to them and I'd never heard of them prior to this so I thought it would be a good way to try out a brand that I might not have come across on my own. I picked out their hydrating moisturiser, that has an SPF of 15 and is much thicker than my other facial moisturisers - which I absolutely love. To go with the moisturiser, I picked out the micro exfoliant they had on offer. It smells incredible and fresh and has micro-fine natural particles within and feels so grainy - which means it must do a great job at rubbing away dead skin cells and getting dirt right out of pores. It's probably the product I'm most excited to try out of this box. Finally, from Monu I picked out a facial oil - because I've been toying with the idea of using an oil cleanser since I heard Lily Pebbles (I think!) going on about The Body Shop chamomile facial oil. The Monu oil promises to soothe, tone and tighten dry skin and I'm honestly excited to see how effective an oil is at getting make up off of an evening! The last two products I picked up were polishes from Nails Inc. I chose the dark grey Howick Place and then they threw in London Lane as a freebie - which is a blue glitter polish. I'm really excited to try these as I know how good Nails Inc are and the grey shade is a true grey - something that I've been after for such a long time.

I really wanted to show you this little card that came with the box too - I think this is such a cute little added extra, and I've put this on my notice board in my university bedroom as I love it so much. It says 'Inner beauty is great but a little make-up never hurts' and this is something I totally get. Just because we're obsessed with make-up, it does not mean that we don't feel we are beautiful without it. I like it that much, I'm probably going to frame it!

I'd also like to share this little code I got given by Love Me Beauty - it will give you one extra credit to use with your subscription! When creating a subscription at Love Me Beauty all you have to do is type in: 8QUBFD and the extra credit will automatically be added to your cart.

Are there any other beauty boxes out there you think I should try? Cheaper or more luxurious options? Let me know in your comments!

Em x


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