Sunday, 22 March 2015

♥ Garnier Ultimate Blends Marvellous Glow Oil

I never really understood why putting oil through my hair would benefit it. I assumed it would make it look greasy and sticky and hard to manage. How wrong was I? I started using this Garnier hair oil after my second trip to the hairdressers in eight months, Now, I never used to be one for hair cuts... What changed, you might ask? I realised how damaged and dull my hair was because I let it grow without treating it well and letting the dead hair and split ends take over. It might have looked long, shiny and manageable after a good wash and condition but I could still tell how frayed the lengths were getting. It only took a little telling off at the hairdressers to realise my hair was never going to grow and look healthy unless I cared for it properly.

My hairdresser mentioned how beneficial an oil might be and a housemate was using a similar Garnier oil in her hair, so I figured I'd give this one a try. Though you can use this on dry, day three hair if you so wish, I stick to taking three pumps through the lengths of my hair after every other wash to give it a bit of a boost and a healthy shine. It protects the hair from damage that can be caused through heat styling and contains a UV filter which protects the hair from damage from the sun - so it'll be great to use through the summer months. It can give dry hair a sleek and shiny finishing touch, or can be used before a wash to nourish your hair.

This hair has been incredible with my fine, dull hair. I put three pumps into my palms, rub them together and then run it through the lengths of my hair, mostly focusing on the very ends. I then put half a pump into my parting, which is really thin and damaged from playing with it too much. It gives a beautiful shine and smells incredible. It makes long hair so much more manageable and I've had it for around a month now, and in the bottle it looks like I've only used the littlest bit. It does say on the bottle to use only a few drops, so maybe I'll use less and see if it gives the same results.

At £9.99 it's much more expensive than conditioners or treatments that are available on the high street, but for the finish it gives, it's honestly worth it. It's lightweight, too, so it doesn't weigh the hair down like some heavy duty conditioners can.

At the moment Boots have a 3 for 2 on haircare, so you could pick this up with the corresponding shampoo and conditioner, but watch out for them to put it on sale. I believe I picked it up for around the £6 mark. Are there any cheaper alternatives, or home treatments I could give a go? Let me know!

Em x


  1. Ooh I want to try this, I saw it the other day in Boots but didn't pick it up. I'll look for it in town today!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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