Sunday, 3 May 2015

♥ April Favourites

April bought us Easter, some really good weather and meant I was at home and earning money again over the Easter break. It was a pretty good month - I booked a holiday to Rome, how damn exciting?! - but now May has greeted us and it means I have to work my arse off over the next two weeks to ensure I get the best possible grades for my last few second year assignments. I can not believe the academic year has almost ended already (for us university students that can almost taste the freedom of summer) and it's nearly time to start third year. Please, time, just slow down!

First favourites of the month are these: Superdrug's own brand Tea Tree Oil and Moisturiser. I had quite a bad breakout towards the end of April and just couldn't stand it. It annoyed me more than ever because my skin had cleared up for a month previously and I was doing everything right to try and keep it that way. I don't know what it was that caused me to have such a bad breakout, but these two items seem to be keeping any new breakouts at bay. I've been using the moisturiser almost every night and day and I've been using the oil on the remaining blemishes and any area's prone to breakouts. I'm changing up my skincare routine to try and keep breakouts away permanently so I'll have to share that with you all soon.

My previous blog post was about these Essence lip liners that cost just one pound and they're my go to at the minute. I don't put my lipstick on without these to keep them on just that bit longer, and at one pound I don't mind using them so excessively.

After purchasing a Max Factor Creme Puff Blush - that I reviewed here - I've used it almost every day and I couldn't be without the Real Techniques Cheek Brush. It gets cheek products exactly where you want them and could be used for contouring and highlighting, too. It's a brilliant little brush and I absolutely love it - I won't put blush on with anything else.

It's the end of second year and deadline period is looming so the stress of that is really effecting my sleep and the early mornings are taking their toll on my under eye area. To look a bit more alert I've been reaching for my Wake Me Up foundation by Rimmel (which I'm going to have to repurchase pretty soon). This isn't one I'll reach for on an everyday basis anymore because the shimmer it has in it is a little strange to say the least - but it does make your face glow in a good way!

Other favourites of the month include the book Jane Eyre - I'm writing an essay on it for university and I actually quite like the novel. I also started rewatching the second generation of Skins. I love Effy and Cook as characters and I wanted to rewatch the last series again where they go back to Effy and Cook as adults and kind of end their stories... Skins Rise (Cook's ending) are my favourite two episodes of a show ever and Jack O'Connell is an incredible actor and my crush on him is unreal.

What have you been loving throughout the month of April? Pop me the links of your monthly favourites in the comments and I'll be sure to have a read.

Em x


  1. love the RT blush brush as well and i'll definitely have to look for those lip liners!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. They're so cheap it's worth it even if they don't really work for you. Pretty sure they have a great red lip liner too!

  2. Ohh you've picked out so many of mine too, and the blush was the best buy for me this month!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I never thought i'd be converted to loving blush, but I just love how natural this shade is!


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