Tuesday, 12 May 2015

♥ Rome Wishlist

A few weeks ago, while at home and working pretty much everyday, one of my friends and I decided to head on over to the travel agents and enquire about holidays to Rome. An hour later, we were all booked up to go and super excited about our summer holiday in Italy. I feel like there are loads of twenty-somethings that are interested in beach and drinking holidays (you know, the Ibiza style getaway?), but not this girl. I'm interested in the food, the drink and culture of the world and Rome is the perfect place to learn a lot about history and culture and what once was.

Of course, there are a few key pieces I am desperate to get my hands on for this holiday and so I thought I could document them here and therefore keep tabs on what I've bought and what I intend on purchasing before I head off to Italy in August!

Black Converse
I think a new pair of trainers are super important. I know it will be a week full of a lot of walking around and so these will be super comfortable and a really versatile option. I've needed a new pair of everyday trainers for a few months now and I've refused to part with my cash, but now is the right time to think about getting some new shoes!

I've wanted a rucksack for so long but never found a reason to buy one. I have a denim Topshop one, but that's a little small and because I always sling it over one shoulder the straps don't match up and it feels a bit weird when I wear it properly. I think I'll look at Vans' range and buy one for my carry on bag, as we only take one suitcase between us.

I love buying new pyjamas for when I go on holiday. I'll be heading to Primark and Forever 21 in search of a nice pair of pyjama shorts.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light
A lighter foundation is my holy grail holiday product. It's got a bit of SPF in it, though I'll probably add more protection to it. From the reviews I've seen, it looks really natural on the skin and that's what I want for the days we will spend walking about the city.

MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette
I am absolutely obsessed with the new eyeshadow palettes mac have released. I really want the purple one, but I can't imagine that being too ideal to travel with. This one, however, has enough lighter shades to be used on a day to day basis and it seems really versatile. I need this so desperately.

There are a few other little bits and pieces I want and need. I might be tempted to buy a foundation either in the airport or whilst I'm over there as there's a Sephora in the train station in the centre of Rome, and a few minutes away from our hotel. I want a book or two, but I can't decide on whether I'll buy Kindle editions or not to save on luggage space! I'm also really excited to buy mini toiletries. How sad!

Em x


  1. Take your student ID with you; it'll save you a couple of Euros when taking tours of the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Castel Sant'Angelo, and the Vatican Museum too. Also, visit the Trastevere district, if you can. They have some beautiful markets and, if you walk back along the River Tiber, they have more market and food stalls, which look beautiful in the evening.
    Have a fantastic time! x

    1. Yeah! I'd noticed you get a student discount at the Colosseum! I'll make sure to check all the other attractions, too! Ah! I think we'll try and find all the secret little restaurants off the beaten track of an evening. Thanks! Still a while away but it'll be here before I know it! x


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