Monday, 30 November 2015

♥ November Favourites

I ended up being far too busy to blog for the majority of October and November. I've recently kicked my butt into shape (again) and written and scheduled a load of posts to ensure I don't fall behind and neglect my blog, and as I didn't post an October favourites, this one is rather large!

My Estee Lauder Double Wear has been a god send. My skin just won't clear up and for those days I'm at university all day and just don't fancy looking red, blotchy and spotty this is my ultimate go to. It's such a saviour for bad skin days and lasts all day long. You can read my review on it here. In a desperate bid to try and clear up my skin I repurchased some Sudocreme. It's a bit harsh on the skin if you use it too much, but every couple of days I'll pop it on my skin overnight to calm down red patches and it does make my skin look much better come morning. For my face wash, I've been using the Garnier Fresh Clarifying Wash for a couple of months now. It's gentle on the skin and really affordable and I'm on my fourth bottle of the stuff now. It leaves the skin feeling super clean and it helps to reduce shine so skin looks nice and matte after using it. As I've mentioned before, I never blow dry my hair and for those mornings when I don't have the time to let my hair dry naturally, I skip a wash and use my Colab Dry Shampoo instead. I actually prefer this to Batiste dry shampoo as it's colourless and it makes all the difference - no struggling with white/grey patches. I recently had the chance to upgrade my phone contract and I, of course, opted for the Rose Gold iPhone 6s. It's absolutely beautiful and I think it's a well deserved investment, as I kept my pink iPhone 5c for almost two years without breaking it. I can let you know what apps I use and stuff like that in a 'Whats on my iPhone' post if you're interested - let me know in the comments! I bought Maybelline's Lash Sensational when it was new to the drugstore and everybody was raving over it. I didn't open it until recently, when the mascara I had been using was all empty, and I don't think I could use anything else now - it makes my lashes look that good. Another thing I've been using none stop this month is my MAC Fix +, I've been using it before makeup, after makeup, to dampen my Beauty Blender and to intensify eyeshadows. It's a great multipurpose product and so worth the money. My final favourite is Game of Thrones. I hesitated getting into the series for such a long time as I never seem to buy into the hype around certain things and this was one of those things. I had to read the book for a module at university and it's so, so long so I still haven't finished it but I have watched the first few episodes of the first series and I'm loving it! I never thought I would, as I love the Lord of the Rings series so much, but it's totally different and not like anything else I've seen.

Link your November favourites down below and let me know whether my favourites are something you love too!

Em x


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