Monday, 23 November 2015

♥ Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation | Review

I very rarely try samples that come in magazines. I feel like I'll never get around to purchasing the real deal and I don't believe they're big enough to give you a good enough idea of what the product is actually like... But when an Estee Lauder sample pops up, for a foundation that's so raved about, you kind of have to try it out. It turned out to be worth it. Very worth it. The sample went a long way. I used it sparingly over a couple of days and I was out and about in typical, wet, Cornish weather and it held up really well. I was intrigued. More and more people told me of how incredible it was and I had been after a more luxurious foundation for so long that in September, before moving back to university, I bit the bullet and bought it.

It's good. Really good. It stays put all day and the girls at the counter in Boots Birmingham did a really good job of colour matching my skin to the shade Desert Beige. It suits my skin tone perfectly and I usually apply it with a finger all over my face and then gently buff it in with my Sephora Multitasker brush. It gives such good coverage and I'd say it's medium to high coverage and you can build it up easily. It stays put all day, with or without primer, though I feel primer does encourage it to stay that little bit longer and prevents it settling into pores as it is such a heavy consistency. It has a natural and flawless looking matte finish on the skin and it still blows me away after a few months of having it.

All in all, Double Wear is a seriously good foundation and I'm so glad it's the high end foundation I ended up going with, because it hasn't disappointed me at all. At £30, it's not the cheapest of its kind and it isn't the most expensive, either. It's a good middle ground for a high end product. I opted to get my bottle at Boots, so I could collect points on my purchase and I also got gifted two sample products: the Advanced Night Repair serum and the Little Black Primer mascara primer. I don't feel I've noticed much difference in my skin from the serum, but I'm not using it consistently and the mascara primer is nothing rave about... I don't believe I'd purchase either product, but it was a nice touch to have two decent sized samples thrown in.

The foundation doesn't come with a pump but the one I've attached is a MAC foundation pump that cost around £5.

A great first encounter with Estee Lauder make up though, and I'm excited to eventually try some more of their stuff.

Em x


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