Tuesday, 29 March 2016

♥ Morphe 35N Palette | Review

Everyone is going mad for Morphe at the minute. I'm no different. I've been lusting after the 35O palette for a few months now and just haven't been able to get my hands on it because, thanks to Jaclyn Hill, it's never in stock. Anywhere. However, when I opened up the 35N palette on my birthday, I was so, so excited to give the neutral matte palette a right old whirl on my eye lids. It hasn't disappointed.

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know I absolutely love my MAC mattes. I used to religiously use the shade Malt as an all over base shade and Quarry for a little bit of depth in the crease and there was a time I thought I'd never stray away from their shadows. Before trying the matte's from MAC, I'd picked up a Make Up Revolution matte palette and just never got use out of it because the pigmentation just wasn't there, and I feared the Morphe palettes could be the same because of the super low price tag. It was a silly assumption, because the colour payoff of these shadows is insane. Even the super light nude toned shadows pack a punch and look great for base and transition shades. Within this palette, there's a brown to suit every single eye look, there's a transition shade for every look and perfect matte highlight shades. There are both cool and warm tones and colours range from dusty pinks, to dark browns, to bright burnt oranges and smokey purples. The shadows layer and blend perfectly and the fallout bad either for the most part. You can use these shadows everyday and still get a completely different look but my favourite shades without a doubt are the orange toned ones. They're now my go to transition colours and there are so many browns that you can pair them with that really compliment them. The shadows don't apply patchy at all, they give off solid amounts of colour and are so easy to work with and I haven't come across a single dud in this palette. They don't crease any quicker than more expensive shadows, but I still always use my MAC paint pot in Painterly under them to create the perfect nude base. If you feel like you already own a lot of palettes and there's no need for another, I would seriously think again. I always find that most palettes don't contain enough matte shades to compliment the various shimmers and frosted shadows in them, so this completely fills that void. A final little heads up, if you're going to buy one of these, buy off Beauty Bay, as they're cheaper on their website than they are on Cult Beauty!

If you have anything from Morphe you'd recommend, let me know. I'm desperate to try a few more of their brushes, so if you have any at all, tell me and what you use it for and I'll probably get around to purchasing it! Sorry my posts have been non existent - I got to spend the Easter weekend with my boyfriend and his pup and my family, which was really nice after being away for a few months. I am back at work now, but I'm desperate to keep posts coming as frequently as possible so keep checking back or follow me on Bloglovin to ensure you never miss a post.

Em x


  1. Fab post lovely, this palette looks absolutely stunning! I think I definitely need to get my hands on this and I really want to try their brushes also! :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee


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