Tuesday, 27 September 2016

♥ My Complete Z Palette | Featuring MAC, NYX and MUG

Over the past year or so, I have been very slowly building up a collection of eyeshadow pans in my own customisable Z Palette. I love it. It's a collection featuring some MAC shadows and some NYX products, but my palette features a whole heap of Make Up Geek eyeshadow pans that I can't get enough of. They're products I turn to time and time again and while most of them might seem similar or safe shades, they're ones that I couldn't live without.

TOP ROW: MUG White Lies (matte white), MUG Shimma Shimma (metallic champagne), NYX Stiletto (matte cool peach), NYX Sin (pink beige with iridescent flecks), MAC Honesty (pewter bronze lustre), MUG Beaches and Creme (matte peach beige), MUG Creme Brûlée (matte sand)

This is the row that features most of my neutral shades. My favourites are contained in the top row, those are Stiletto by NYX and Beaches and Creme and Creme Brûlée from MUG. Shimma Shimma is my go to brow bone and inner corner highlight and my white eyeshadow, White Lies is a great base colour to use if using colours that you really want to pop. It's also a great matte highlighting shade.

SECOND ROW: MAC Malt (matte pink beige), NYX The Chaser (matte charcoal brown), NYX Guilt Trip (matte cool deep brown), MUG Frappe (demi matte maple brown), NYX Hypnotised (metallic copper gold) MUG Sin City (medium orange with gold shimmer)

My second row of shadows follow on from the top, being quite neutral and matte to begin with. Malt is a great base shadow, and the two matte browns from NYX are recent additions to my palette for the autumn. A self made palette of mine just wouldn't be right without a bright copper shade, and Sin City by MUG is an absolute dream.

THIRD ROW: MUG Cupcake (matte medium pink), MAC Mythology (copper lustre), MUG Roulette (burnt sienna shimmer), MUG Anarchy (medium masala shimmer), MUG Bitten (matte deep maroon red), MUG Burlesque (metallic muted burgundy), MUG Cherry Cola (matte deep brown red)

My third row of shadows focuses on burgundy and purple toned shades. This row is my ultimate winter smokey eye look. Warm berry toned shadows like Anarchy and Roulette from MUG are beautiful and so easy to use and blend out.

FINAL ROW: MUG Pillow Talk (soft lilac shimmer), MUG Prom Night (pale purple shimmer), MUG Twilight (pale muted purple shimmer), MAC Sable (gold plum with bronze pearl), MUG Ritzy (duo chrome warm red brown with green and gold reflect), MUG Havoc (duo chrome red brown with teal reflect)

The final row in the palette is an exciting one, full of shimmers and duo chrome shades. Pillow Talk is another perfect highlighting shade by MUG and MAC's Sable is the perfect shade for a quick little something on the eyes. I blend this one right over my lid, add a bit of liner and I'm all set. The two duo chrome shades Ritzy and Havoc have a hint of green to them, which I think looks great with my dark hair and eyes and the quality and pay off them is ridiculous for how cheap they are!

My Z Palette is definitely one of my favourite things to use on a daily basis. The MUG matte neutral shades are certainly my most used shades, but there are so many different looks I can put together from this palette. I can't imagine it'll take me very long to start putting together another, either!

Em x


  1. Oooo your palette is so so beautiful! I remember your first post on getting your first few and now you have a completed palette! So So pretty too! :D I love how warmed toned all your shades are, but you do have me wanting Cupcake from MUG! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. If I had a finished Z palette I hope this is what it looks like! Love these shades, a lot of your MUG ones are on my wish list x


  3. I'm the process of filling up my own Z palette so I'm definitely gonna be taking some inspo from your palette, you have some gorgeous shades! x

    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com

  4. I love Makeup Geek, I don't have a Z palette though, kinda just put them in a container which probably isn't the best thing haha!
    Kathy x

  5. I have major Z palette envy right now, the Sin City shade is so beautiful!

    Victoria | Accio Victoria

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