Monday, 28 September 2015

♥ MAC Haul #3

Autumn is upon us and obviously, that called for a new lipstick. That inevitably meant I spent a small fortune on MAC and I don't regret a thing (maybe one thing, but we'll get to that)! Autumn seems the time where a bold berry toned lip is most acceptable, so I needed a few bits and pieces to make my makeup collection seem more wintry. After seeing Lily Pebbles rock Plumful a few months back in her vlogs, I was positive I'd love it. I bought Mehr on her recommendation and that did not disappoint and I've pretty much gathered that we have a similar skin tone and the things that look ace on her might very well look good on me, too. So Plumful found it's way into my basket and the rest is history. To go with that, I slipped the Beet lip liner in. Its a lovely, dark, pinky red liner and I can only imagine how beautiful this will look underneath Plumful. Annoyingly, I popped Captive into my basket, too. The website says that this is a 'pinkish plum' shade and it looks a much darker purple on the website than it does in the bullet and it's super similar to Plumful so I'm thinking I'll probably return that. Along with the lip products I purchased two shadow pans. I bought the shades Malt, a lovely neutral beige and Sable, a plummy coloured shadow with a golden shimmer to it, to complete my quad palette.

I also bought Fix + and a foundation pump (neither are pictured) after finding out the MAC pumps fit onto Estee Lauder Double Wear - perrrrfect! I know I did go to town with this order and I'm really disappointed I'm going to be sending something back, but I did work really hard through summer and I won't have a chance to spoil myself for quite a while now that I'm back at university!

What do you think of the bits and pieces I picked up, and did you know that MAC pumps fit onto the wonder that is Double Wear?! Crazy!

Em x


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