Monday, 31 August 2015

♥ August Favourites

August was pretty damn good for me. I went to Italy on my holidays and spent a lot of time walking around the incredible ruins that are in Rome. I ended up in a relationship (well done me) and worked a lot. Because of the heat in Italy and constantly being at work, I rarely put any make up on and when I did, I kept it fairly simple. Therefore, there are only a few bits and pieces I've been reaching for. Here they are:

Lately my skin has been ruining my life. It looks dull, dry and I've broken out so badly over the past few weeks. So, for a primer I've starting using L'Oreal's Blur Cream. It really helps even it all out and makes my skin look much less flawed. I love the base this leaves for my foundation to glide on over. It really is a wonder cream in my opinion and I can't imagine not having it in my makeup bag. It's a brilliant primer and for only ten quid (therefore massively cheaper than Benefit's Porefection) you can't go wrong. For eyeshadow, I've been going for a nice golden smokey eye. Autumn is almost upon us, (though it feels like we're already way into it) and I've been getting ready for darker makeup with L'Oreal's Color Riche Mono Eyeshadow in the shades 'Golen Nude' and 'Breaking Nude'. The shade 'Golden Nude' I pop into my crease and then I go in with 'Golden Nude' which is brilliant for putting all over the lid. The staying power is incredible and these shadows don't crease at all on me. The only downside I've found is that the product in the pan is super crumbly. When I first opened up the crease shade, a corner had already fallen apart, so I'll definitely be keeping these at home and I'll avoid travelling with them! To get myself clean, I've been reaching for The Body Shop's Virgin Mojito Shower Gel every time. The scent of it is beyond beautiful. I've not used anything else in the shower since I bought this and it just makes me feel like I'm somewhere tropical. It's really refreshing and makes the whole bathroom smell divine. My last favourite is the device I used to take my most recent blog photos! I'd been wanting a good camera for absolutely ages and I finally bought one before heading off on holiday as I was desperate to capture the sights on a good camera. I opted for the Samsung NX3000. I'm absolutely obsessed with it, though it's quite complicated and hard to get used to using. I'm sure I'll get to grips with it eventually, I'm sure. It only cost around £180, so it's a much cheaper alternative to the similar devices that Canon and Olympus have an offer. For me, it's perfect as it's my first real camera and I wouldn't know how to use a big fancy camera! In the month of August, I read Jennifer Niven's All The Bright Places and I loved every page of it. Be sure to look out for a review on that this week.

So, there we have the few bits I was loving all through August. Let me know about yours in the comments!

Em x


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