Sunday, 30 August 2015

♥ Weekly Roundup #1

This has been the week I honestly got myself whipped into shape in terms of my blogging habit. It's something I really enjoy and want to keep up and I've decided on a whopping four posts a week. Find out more about when I'll be posting here. I posted about the makeup I picked up on my summer holiday in Rome and I purchased this beautiful Zoeva rose gold make up brush set! I also went to see the Paper Towns movie. Paper Towns is probably my favourite book and I would say John Green is a real inspiration to me and I love the majority of his work (I'm not a TFiOS fan at all, though) so seeing this book come to life was really exciting. It was beautifully made and the soundtrack is flawless so do go and watch it if you get the chance!

In terms of what posts I've been loving this week from fellow bloggers, there was this post from Emma on how to curb spending on makeup, something I really needed a little pep talk on. As I'm heading back to uni mid September and will no longer have a regular income from my job, I need to start being super strict with myself. Catherine shared her recent purchases, and me being the nosey mare I am, I loved reading about all the beautiful things she'd picked up, including the MAC Creme Cup lipstick that is one on the top of my to buy list. It looks like she had a good old spree and that is something I am seriously envying her for! Katie blogged about her recently read books and in the post featured All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I finished this book a few weeks ago and it really touched me. Head over to her post to find out a little more about it, and the other titles she checked out!

My week is going to go as following: work, work, work, work and a little bit more time at work. I'm currently in the middle of nine consecutive shifts... It isn't all bad and I don't mind too much as my pay rate has just gone up and I'm working my way towards a promotion in the next few weeks. After these shifts, however, it's time to travel down to Milton Keynes and spend time with my favourite little pug and go and see the Foo Fighters with my brother and boyfriend. All the hard work will be worth it when I'm amongst a crowd singing my heart out to my favourite band ever.

I hope you're all having a great bank holiday weekend, let me know if you're up to anything exciting or if you're working like me on this bank holiday Monday!

Em x


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