Wednesday, 26 August 2015

♥ Zoeva Rose Golden Vol.2 Complete Eye Brush Set

Zoeva brushes are something I've lusted after for such a long time... I finally bit the bullet over the weekend and made my first order on Beauty Bay and among my purchases was the Rose Golden Vol.2 Eye Brush Set. To my surprise, the free next day delivery meant that bright and early on Monday morning they found their way into my hands even though the website informed me they'd be with me on Tuesday! That's nothing to complain about at all though and I can do nothing but praise the service provided by Beauty Bay and the process of making an online order with them. Free delivery and free gifts? It's a brilliant way to purchase beauty products and I'll be making more orders for sure. Enough of my ranting and raving about the website I ordered them off, more about the actual product...

The set consists of twelve well crafted and designed make up brushes for application to the eyes. They cover the entire spectrum. There's a spot liner brush - the tiniest thing ever I have ever seen - there's a chunky concealer brush for those pesky dark circles we get under the eyes. The set even contains three crease brushes of various sizes and the attention to detail is so above what I expected. Complete with a pink toned 'rose gold' carry case, they look much more expensive than what they are. Coming in at just under £57 for the set (working out at less than £5 per brush) the value for money is incredible. The bag is sturdy and will be great for travelling with and the little touches like "" written in the bags lining really makes the set something special. Each person obviously finds different uses for each of their brushes and I'm sure I'll find a few firm favourites  within the set and use a few for thing's they're probably not designed for.

Em x


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