Sunday, 2 August 2015

♥ July Favourites

I went awol, I know... Again. This blog is something that I really enjoy writing and having but since coming home from university and being back at work (I very rarely get a day off) it's hard to find the time to dedicate to writing posts or finding inspiration for them. However, things are starting to change around here. I have just under a week left at work and then I go on holiday to Rome. I just invested in a real camera so I am more inclined to take blog photos that are of decent quality - not just taken on my iPhone and it's almost time to start my third year at university. I don't really know where the past two months of being in Birmingham have gone, let alone the two years I've been living in Cornwall. Anyway, less of the explanations - I'll get to my monthly favourites for July!

My new Paperchase 'Gatsby' Diary is up first. I love mid year diaries. It's always the sort of diary I opt for as it nicely coincides with the academic year. This design is absolutely beautiful. I've got a thing for mint green colours at the moment and this matches a Vans backpack I recently bought. I can see both coming in very handy in the new academic year. It's nicely laid out, with each weekday having it's own page and the weekend being split onto one page. Paperchase diaries are full of other useful things, too, like spaces to write down timetables and deadlines and conversion charts. They're super handy and really, really pretty too.

The palette I've been reaching for every single time I do my makeup is this MAC Burgundy Times Nine one. It's so handy and perfect for travelling with as there a few different looks you can get out of the nine pans. The formula is incredible. I've been using this with my 217 brush and they are an absolute dream team. I'm seriously obsessed with both the palette and the brush and can see my collection of mac brushes extending very rapidly in the near future.

I joined a gym the second I got back into the city and dry shampoo really is a must to refresh after a hard workout. As I'm so busy, I always have things to do after the gym and I'd rather not be left with freshly washed hair so instead I keep this in my gym bag to keep my hair looking nice and clean. This Batiste Tropical Mini is very convenient and the scent has the loveliest holiday kind of vibe to it. I'll probably be purchasing another can to take away on holiday with me!

Estella Bartlett jewelry is something I've been aware of for a very long while now. I love how dainty and feminine the collection is and how the designs come in both silver and gold. Jewelry is not something I'm a massive fan of but I wanted this wishbone 'lucky' necklace for a really long while. On a cute little visit to Woburn a few weekends ago, I noticed this in a little gift store and treated myself. It's perfect for someone like me who isn't a fan of statement jewelry and just wants something nice and light to wear.

This little black notebook was also purchased in Woburn. It says 'follow your dreams' in a silver type and the binding is super flexible. As a creative writing student, I love carrying around a little notebook to jot down ideas or words or phrases I hear on my travels. We're always encouraged to take down snippets of interesting people we meet, hear, or see to contribute to our work and this is the perfect notebook to do this in. Being a writer is something that I still really hope I achieve on a professional level and the slogan on this notebook is a little reminder to always put my heart and soul into my writing!

So, there we have my return to blogging and the favourite things i accumulated throughout the month of July. Hope you're all having a lovely summer!

Em x


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