Monday, 27 June 2016

♥ June Favourites

June has been the most insane month for me. I finished university and got my results for my dissertation (I was marked a first in both sections, who'd have thought it!) and moved out of my cosy little student house with my four best pals and back into my family home. Boo. I went through a tough breakup and my brother had a bad bike crash, so it's been super hectic and everything has happened all at once, but I'm okay, I'm alright and I'm staying super positive and optimistic. Of course, I have a bunch of new favourite things to talk about and a few more interesting life changes to mention!

I can't write this favourites post without mentioning MAC's Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle. I have been absolutely obsessed with it since I picked it up on a road trip to Exeter at the beginning of the month. I wrote a blog post singing it's praises last week, so go and have a read of this if you'd like to hear my in depth opinions on this one. Secondly, I have to mention the shades Beaches and Cream and Frappe from Make Up Geek that I picked up in my last Beauty Bay haul when everything was half price! I still haven't stopped using these since purchasing them a fair few weeks ago and the little dip in the Beaches and Cream pan is already insane. I won't go on too much about them as I mention MUG all the time, but they really are the most pigmented and easy to blend eyeshadows and at under a fiver for each pan, you can't go wrong at all. This month, I've finally been able to read again as I have plenty of free time now university is over and the first book I picked up was Cheryl Strayed's Wild. I wrote a review on this last week, so read that if you're interested in starting something new. It's such a heart warming tale of self-discovery and I promise you, it will inspire you to go and do something that seems impossible. It's a beautiful book. Also, I had to mention I've become a member at another gym. This time it's a Sports Direct Fitness one down the road from my house and the first ever gym I ever became a member at. Now that it's changed hands, it's much cheaper than it was when I was sixteen, but still more expensive than what I've been paying for the last few years. My two best girlfriends use the same gym so I'll have other people to work out with and do classes with, which is exciting! I'm loving working out again that there are more free weights and machines in this gym as my previous one was so so tiny, so I'll be doing plenty of weights in a bid to really tone up and lose as much weight as possible. To get me straight back into the gym, I ordered some new gym gear and my Nike Free RN trainers are a huge favourite. I can't take them off. They're super comfy and they're not ugly - something I feel is so easy to expect from training shoes. Another huge lifestyle change has come through in terms of my diet. I've decided to cut out meat and fish from my diet. I haven't been a vegetarian for around five years and it's hard to kick yourself back into the habit but I know it's for the best and I can't wait to experiment with food again. A food favourite I've discovered because of this are the Linda McCartney Mozzarella 1/4lb Burgers. They taste incredible and I have them with a little salad on the side and plenty of water!

So, that's my round up of June. I'm hoping the coming months are much less stressful and it's time to really focus on myself while I sort out moving out and trying to get myself kick started in a career related to my degree! I hope you're all well, girls!

Em x


  1. I really want to try those Makeup Geek eyeshadows they look sooo pretty!!!


  2. I need to get back to the gym so bad! Gotta love MUG shadows, I have a few with dips in too haha! Sorry to hear about your breakup and everything, hope this month is better for you!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  3. Those makeup geeks eye shadow look gorgeous!


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