Thursday, 20 March 2014

♥ Forever 21 Mini-Haul!

Sorry for this post being so distant from my last one! I've just come home (to Birmingham) for a month and travelling from Cornwall back up country to the Midlands and seeing everyone when I get back home means I've been incredibly busy. Not to mention, I'm back at work for the month! So the next few weeks will be very busy and stressful. The upside to being back in Birmingham is having access to great shopping! Birmingham boasts the Bullring and several other shopping centres like a Kingfisher and Solihull isn't too far. Being back here means I get to go into different stores that I don't get to shop in for nine months of the year now!

The hardest thing about being at university down in Cornwall is the lack of shopping I get to do, and being a student who has to pay for themselves the money I earn isn't as disposable as it was this time last year. However, I did manage to spend just shy of £35 in Forever 21. My overdraft is feeling the pinch!

First up, I know it's getting close to the summer months and I always try to get myself new pyjamas that are lightweight and comfortable to wear on the warmer nights. I contemplated going into Topshop and picking up one of their night dresses as they sell some for around the £18 mark, but i walked past Forever 21 and their visual merchandising looked incredible and I love their underwear section so I thought I'd try something different! This was a great decision. I got a lightweight t-shirt and short set for £10.65. I went for a large, even though a medium would fit a size ten perfectly, because I don't really like the thought of my bed clothes being tight or uncomfortable (I also just think there's something sexy about having your pyjama top hanging off one shoulder, but shh!). The top features the slogan 'He loves me not' with the 'not' striked out, and a pair of black daisy print shorts. The top is more than 50% cotton and is so so comfortable! The shorts aren't cotton, but they're still super comfy and don't show any bum!

Then I spotted the dressing gowns. I'd been lusting after a gown since I saw all my friends at uni lounging about in big fluffy, comfy gowns. Forever 21 were right on trend though, and had some lightweight (practically see-through chiffon) gowns. It has three-quarter length arms and falls just below the bum and has a loose belt to tie it around you. The colour of the one I picked up is a baby pink with black polka dots and it's very girly and cute, though it would also look amazing if you were to just tie it around you with some sexy black underwear if you're trying to impress the boyfriend!! The robe is 100% polyester and cost £15.90.

I then went to pay and as usual with Forever 21 they had stacks of boxes with little goodies in them. Having recently bought a case to keep my nail polishes in, I figured a new make-up bag wouldn't do any harm and saw cute, pastel coloured bags by the tills. At first i picked up a light blue one with a slogan i can't really remember, i then figured there was nobody on the tills on the floor i was at so went downstairs to pay. It was there that I found the incredible make-up bag i eventually bought! The light blue case with pink love heart and the slogan 'You Suck' is very me and very very cute! I think this cost me around £5.80 - £6! It's quite big and i think the vast majority of my makeup will fit in this which is really helpful as just having one bag for them on the long journeys from uni to home is kind of essential!

I fell in love with these three products and i know I'll get plenty of use out of all three. I did notice that everything i bought had many different designs available. For instance, you can pick up a pyjama set that says 'i love coffee' and coffee cup print shorts, or puppy prints for the same price as the set i picked up. The gowns too come in different colours and patterns, though i think they only had two or three on show that i could see, whereas the pyjama set was out in about six or seven different designs! That is probably one of my favourite things about Forever 21... Although it is tedious to sift through their three large floors in the Bullring, they always have a variation of the same product in different colours or patterns on display - there is always something to suit most tastes!


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