Monday, 31 March 2014

♥ March Empties!

I've seen a few of these posts on blogger where people talk through all the products they've recently used up, and to make my own more substantial I figured it would be best to post an 'Empties' at the end of every month! I have quite a few as the products I use when I'm in Birmingham stay here and were all used up around Christmas, though being back home means these products really are reaching their end now!

Original Source Cranberry and Honey Daily Scrub.
This is my favourite shower scrub and I usually pick this up in boots for around the £2 mark. It's currently half price, so if you're interested you can pick it up for £1.33 through the link above! Original Source is an incredible brand because all their products ARE in fact made from natural ingredients but come without the often pricey tag that can be on some Lush or Body Shop alternatives! I often wear exfoliating gloves when in the shower just to get dead skin away and this scrub teamed up with the gloves (you can probably pick them up in pound shops or drugstores) works towards getting super soft skin!

Mitchum Deodorant
I use this product every day as it's 48 hour protection really does help defend against any body odour. I swear by this product in keeping your underarms dry all day and not leaving white marks on black clothing. I managed to pick a new roll on and I've recently ventured into their spray deodorant as they were two for four pound in Boots, when usually their roll-ons are about the three pound mark.

This is the last face wash I bought while I was at home before moving to Cornwall and now I've come back and used it all up! I absolutely adore the Pink Grapefruit range that Neutrogena have because it smells so fabulous - and it's pink! I'm also a fan of the acne scrub they do and use both products to the death! This face wash really helps speed up my morning and night skin care routine as it is so good at getting every last trace of mascara and foundation off all while preventing breakouts and clearing up skin. The face wash is really gentle so it's good for delicate skin and isn't too rough as it's just a gel that lathers up really well. With the scrub alternative, however, I use it of a morning in the shower as it would be too harsh on clean skin of an evening. 

VO5 Hairspray
I've been using this hairspray for about seven months now and I can't imagine going for another brand when it comes to my hair products! V05 are excellent and not too pricey at all. I usually pick up my VO5 products from a Superdrug or a Boots store as I can collect points on my purchases, however if there isn't a deal on the product I'm after this brand is also stocked at my local Bodycare (they sell all sorts of toiletries and hair and beauty essentials at discount prices). I managed to get a new bottle of this hairspray today in Bodycare for £1.99! This spray holds all night and to keep my hair straight I'll spray it onto a hairbrush and run it through the length of my hair to stop any flicks or kinks! I also always have more than one can of this on the go, so at two pound I couldn't pass it up!


  1. Orignial source products are the best smelling products! Love your blog, do you want to follow each other on bloglovin?

    1. They're incredible aren't they? Super cheap which helps! Followed on bloglovin, sweetie x x

  2. Love the Neutrogena face wash and definitely trying out the scrub, if i find it - Lush and body Shop items can get really overpriced. :D

    In the Lavender Haze

    1. yeah i agree - always worth looking for a healthy/organic cheaper solution than splashing out unnecessarily on items from lush or other stores!

  3. Congratulations! I've just nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out the details here:
    Sarah (Twinkle Boots)


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