Friday, 21 March 2014

♥ New Tattoo!

If you've ventured onto my page through tumblr or ever saw my tumblr, (constantreminders) you may know that I'm super into my tattoos and for only having just turned 19 and only getting them done legally - since i turned 18 - I have quite a few!

My most recent instalment has been an orange coloured rose on my elbow. It's a new addition to the sleeve which is now in super slow progress as my tattooist, Isobel Stevenson, is one of my closest friends from home and I refuse to let anyone else touch my sleeve! It's hard work going three months without a tattoo; so naturally the first thing I did when I got home was go and have a few hours sitting! I think this one took about two and half hours but I wasn't paying much attention to the clock as I have so much fun while I'm in the studio... That and the pain of being tattooed on the elbow isn't very nice to sit through for multiple hours!

So! Here is the new beauty, tell me what you think!



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