Wednesday, 12 March 2014

♥ My Bookshelf!

I currently live in the university halls, on campus, at Falmouth University. I'm a Creative Writing First Year and I'm absolutely loving it so far! The location of the university is what makes it such an incredible experience and I've made an amazing bunch of friends during my time here. I only have eight weeks or so left of living in my bedroom here after the Easter break, which is breaking my heart a little. I've fallen in love with the bedroom I've completely made my own. It's massive - huge desk space, huge shelf space, a giant pin board, wardrobe, draws, double bed AND en suite - and very expensive! So I thought while I'm still here I could show you how I organise my bookshelf (it's mostly makeup and candles) while I still have it!

I also apologise for my awful photos, they were taken on my iPad in a rush as I'm going out for dinner (Wetherspoons, oops!) in a little bit!

First up is where I keep all my make up, lotions, brushes and nail varnish collection! I'll go through it all, from right to left. On the end there is a small Superdrug vanity case full of nail stuff and nail varnish remover. I believe i have about 20 different nail varnishes in that case! Also, hanging on the bottle of remover is a Hello Kitty necklace and it's a mermaid kitty because my star sign is Pisces, the fish! I then have my three different Baby Lips, Cherry Me, Peach Kiss and Pink Punch. I then have multivitamins because my mom got super worried I wouldn't be getting everything I need if I was cooking for myself or having lots of take aways. Sudocrem and E45 creams to stop bad skin and fight spots. The E45 is also a massive help for moisturising nearly healed tattoos, so I use that quite a bit. I have other basics in there such as deodorant, scented moisturisers (the Kate Moss one is lush!) and my paddle brush and comb.
In the corner you can just about see some of the make up I use on a day-to-day basis. Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in Light and Dream Matte Mousse in Ivory, sample size They're Real mascara, Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara and their Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner. I also use Rimmel's Wake Me Up Concealor, as I once saw a Zoella video in which she used it to cover up dark circles under the eyes and that product works wonders for me!

Here you can see the rest of my make up. The only two lipsticks I own are a Barry M one, shade 160, it's a very dark purple/reddish colour. The other one is a Kate Moss Rimmel one, in 107, this one is a more obvious dark red. I barely ever use these as I feel like lipstick makes me look a little strange as I always have such heavy eye makeup!  There are also a few products i love standing out here - V05 high volume hairspray and Texture Spray. These products are amazing, the hairspray is extra strong hold and I always use this to stop fly aways or spray it onto my brush after straightening my hair and brushing through it all to help it stay straight. The Matt and Messy salt spray by L'Oreal is very similar to the VO5 Texture spray, but i find the L'Oreal one just makes my hair sticky and doesn't create any kinks or waves in my hair. Finally on display here are my make up brushes - nothing branded, just ones I've saved from make up sets I've been bought for Christmas. In the very left hand corner is my stationary holder. Pretty boring!

This is the top shelf, where i keep my perfume at an easy reach! I have a bottle of unopened Killer Queen by Katy Perry which was a birthday present off my dad a few weeks ago. It's the most beautiful scent, although I would say it's not for wearing during the day time - it's quite strong so I wear it on nights out! I have my open bottle in the front. I then have a Kate Moss perfume and I can't remember the name of this one but it's my everyday scent. I think it's really fruity and floral and subtle and is great for everyday use. I then have Katy Perry's Purr, which is also really fruity and a good scent for just a normal day! Also there's a massive Hello Kitty mug that I received last Christmas and love to pieces! 

This is the very small percentage of the bookshelf I actually use for books! Even then, it's covered up with Hello Kitty's and candles. I'm using my biscuit jar as a bookend and I'm yet to invest in any cute bookends and I dread to think how old those custard creams are, as I never eat them. This collection of books doesn't really show my taste in books very well as the majority of my books have been left in Birmingham as there's no point in me keeping them in temporary accommodation! I do have about 120-150 books so this is a very small collection and it would look completely different if it was my bookshelf at home!

I feel like you may have learnt some weird things about me through showing you my bookshelf. I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty and everyone knows it, which is why I have so many Hello Kitty items on these shelves. I also love Soap and Glory's Mist You Madly spray, which features in with my lotions on the bottom shelf. There are three bottles on there! This was just a post that was quickly thrown together as I love looking at other peoples collections of toiletries and beauty products, as well as what sorts of fragrances they like and books are a passion of mine (I do Creative Writing, after all) and I'd love to know whether you've spotted a book you love among my collection!


  1. You're studying creative writing, that's super awesome! It was one of my options before i got into journalism *idk why i'm writing you this ahah*
    I love all your Hello Kitty stuff, and enjoy looking into your bookshelves :) ♥
    Lottie x
    Hi, Lotts!


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