Thursday, 10 April 2014

♥ April Wishlist

This is probably not the wisest thing to do with the money I get given for being a student, but it sure as hell makes it worthwhile. Loan day is awful. £2000 arrives in your account and then you have to pay a whopping £1200 in rent. This leaves you with £800 to last the five months until Septembers loan and it can be daunting if you haven't got a job or any other income. Loan day is around the time I decide to treat myself to 'essentials' (they are in no way essentials, I'm just excusing myself!) I need at that given point in time... After all, I've just spent four weeks working my ass off to make a dent in my gaping overdraft, so losing the minus - FINALLY!! - means a little splurge isn't too harmful. Besides, I still have a payday coming up!

Anyway, I've composed a list of five things I intend to buy in April when my loan comes through and all my finances are sorted, so here they all are:

Real Techniques Core Collection Kit - Amazon, £14.65
Because I really, really want to get into the habit of applying my makeup in the professional way. These brushes are ones that are essential to an everyday look. I believe this kit normally retails at around the £20 mark on the high street and it IS on offer, so if that's not a good enough excuse i don't know what is! The link above is direct to Real Techniques on Amazon and it also offers free delivery, so if you're after these brushes too it's a great place to buy them.

W7 In The Buff Natural Nude Eye Palette - Amazon, £4.97
This looks like a dupe of the very sought after Urban Decay Naked palettes. A very, very cheap dupe! I'm not expecting this to be incredible but I've never been a massive eye shadow fan so I feel it may be a good starting point. If I get on with this item (and get better at eye shadow and what not) I can see myself going for an Urban Decay palette. After all, the hundreds of bloggers that are loving them can't be wrong! Again, this product has free delivery is purchased through Amazon.

Clinique Airbrush Concealer - Boots, £18
I believe this may be my first high end makeup purchase. I've heard fabulous things about Clinique and their skincare range so I thought a good concealer may be the right place to start my more expensive make up collection. This is going to replace my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer which I adore. Hopefully, this works as well on dark circles around the eyes as my high street favourite does!

Vans Cat Eye Sunglasses - Asos, £15
It's a given that living in Cornwall will mean many trips to the beach as the weather gets warmer. These sunglasses area classic shape and with a standard, thick, black frame you can't go wrong. Asos also offers free delivery and returns!

Nike Pro Core Sports Bra - Nike, £26
As I only have nine hours timetabled at uni each week I go to the gym every day. This acts as stress relief, getting fit and socialising all in one. I've just bought some beautiful Roshe Run training shoes by Nike and this is the next piece of gym wear I intend to buy.

Hopefully I do actually get the chance to buy these products before April is up! Have you tried anything on this list? Let me know!

Em x


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