Sunday, 13 April 2014

♥ The Sunday Post

Moving back into halls this weekend has been a lot more chilled than I thought it would be! With Falmouth being home to three schools - Falmouth, Exeter and Camborne school of mines - and the timetables being different, campus is like a ghost town at the minute. I could not wait to be back after a month away and my lovely dad managed to drive me back down on Thursday. To my dismay he stayed for two nights and while there isn't anyone else in my flat who has come back yet, it was really annoying to have him wondering around my little home. I miss him terribly while I'm away but I found it impossible to entertain him during his stay here!! 

Although being back has made this weekend much more relaxing than most others. It means my part time job is no more until July, I have to start cooking and cleaning for myself again, but most importantly - doing my own food shopping! This brings me the weirdest sense of joy, just because I feel like my parents do such a terrible job with their weekly food shop!

The foods I buy the most are fresh fruit and vegetables. I try to have a very healthy and strict diet while I'm here, just because my diet back in Birmingham is so awful (I really love Nandos)!

Today I've done nothing but hang out with a few friends who have arrived back, watch Homeland, plan out a few blog posts and eat this really yummy breakfast of grapes, low fat strawberry yogurt and a banana! 

I can already feel my emotions getting better and it's only been two days!


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