Wednesday, 30 April 2014

♥ Why I Love Free Samples

I love the occasional free sample and due to being an avid reader of both Glamour and Cosmo, I always have something to try out without splashing out on a product that might not do all that you require it to. Samples are always a handy little treat and although conditioner packets might not have enough product in them to give you a clear idea of the product companies are trying to sell you, they are still a great little addition to the bathroom cabinet.

I believe the most popular samples are face washes, foundations and shampoo/conditioners. These three items are something a girl always needs and testing out new ones is always a good thing to do - hair and skin are always changing so changing up your products is an excellent idea. I've never had an issue with a foundation sample. There always seems to be enough in the packet and it gives you the opportunity to try out a new brand or product for a day and get an idea of how the product will sit all day. I find foundation samples are much better than going into Boots and trying out the testers that have always been tampered with (who knows what germs are congregating on them)!

Many brands will give the option of adding free samples to your purchase and two I know of are Clarins and Bumble and Bumble. I believe this is a really good step for companies to make as it gives us, the customers, to choose what products we'd like to try out and then potentially purchase. It may mean splashing out on a few items, but samples like this are always of a decent size.

Another really good way to get hold of products to try out without excessive price tags is to invest in a beauty box. There are a few of these available such as Glossybox and Love Me Beauty.

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