Sunday, 4 May 2014

♥ The Sunday Post #3

Bank Holiday weekends are a blessing. Three days to completely recuperate, reorganise and chill out. After going out last night - and myself and my best friends getting very drunk - today will be spent hydrating myself and reading Light by Eva Figes again as I have two pieces of work to hand in at the end of the month based on the book. Luckily enough it's a light read!

Life's not been very kind to me lately so I've been splashing out and treating myself a bit more than I should. This week I'm going to attempt to get an April Favourites post up, another school/uni feature: how to cope with exams and deadlines, and a review or two!

Sorry for being so slow, but the end of the academic year is nearing and it's a super stressful time. Hope you're all well and coping better than I am!

Em x


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