Wednesday, 28 May 2014

♥ Best of the bases?

The first in my collection is a brand new addition. I picked it up because I wanted to see if spending a little bit more would mean I could get away with using only a BB cream on the hotter days or day's when I feel like make up isn't needed. I got the 'Fair' one because I always tend to go for the lighter option, just in case. I'm pretty sure Boots do quite a wide range of their No 7 BB creams - they have an option for oily skin - so it's likely that there's one to suit any skin type. This one costs £13.50 but there are a lot of money off vouchers floating around for No 7! The woman that served me even gave me a voucher before I had even purchased it so she saved me £3! 

Next up is my Rimmel Stay Matte Primer... I haven't really used this too much because it feels like a moisturiser. I do apply it when I feel like my skin is getting a bit dry and I only really apply it to my t zone to create a smoother base for my problem area! At £5.99 it's worth it if you're young or new to using a base, but I don't think I'll repurchase this one!

Benefit Porefessional is a definite bloggers favourite. It's a wonder product that makes skin incredibly soft and creates a really flawless base for your make up. It does have a hefty price tag though, so for the while the retail size that costs £24.50 is a little bit too far out of my price range! This is the second sample size I've managed to get my hands on and I really do love this!

Finally, my trusty Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream. This is another offering that comes with a few options. There are three in the range and I have the one for oily skin and it's in light! It does come in two shades which is really good but I do think the 'light' option is already quite dark! I use this product day in, day out and will definitely repurchase! It claims to have eight different functions but i would say that it definitely conceals redness and helps protect against the appearance of blemishes. I suffer with quite blotchy skin so a little bit of this really does help give my skin an even colour. It's a fabulous little product and very worth £7!

Have you got a base that you couldn't live without?

Em x


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