Sunday, 11 May 2014

♥ The Sunday Post #4

My Sundays are usually spent a little hungover and eating more than I should. I feel I tend to miss home a lot more while lazing about on a Sunday. There's no Mum to look after me, no Daddy to take me to the pub to watch the football and no best friend to watch bad romcoms with. Not having a Sunday Roast is definitely the breaking point. Anyway, this week I've over spent (again!) and I have some nice little products to show you all. I'm also due a few things in the post which I can't wait to post about! Remember those Real Techniques brushes I put in this wishlist? Finally bought them! I'm still in the midst of deadlines and tons of essay work so although this blog is an excellent way to procrastinate I really need to get some work done today! Hope you're all well!

Em x


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