Monday, 2 June 2014

♥ The (late) Sunday Post #7

This week has been a super busy one, which is my excuse for not posting! On Wednesday, my best friend, Paige, came down to Cornwall to visit me for a few days and before that I was rushing to get all my semester two work in for university. It's so strange to think that first year is all over now, but I still have a little time left in Cornwall before going home and working my ass off over summer so that I can crawl out of my overdraft before second year!

On Friday, I got the opportunity to head over to St.Ives! It was very busy because it was half term and the weather was really good which was a nice surprise. Paige and I did the typical sea-sidey type things like eat fish and chips on the sea front, play in the arcade and get matching bracelets! It was lovely to have such a chilled day with her - especially as we never get to spend much time together while I'm home as we both have such varied shift patterns!

Saturday was also a really clear, hot day! We went into town and I managed to get in a few bits and bobs for my holiday to Bali - this time next week i'll be there and I can barely contain my excitement! Other than that the Pendennis Cup was going on and there was going to be a Red Arrows show over Gylly beach, so we spent a few hours on the very, very busy beach and got to see the Red Arrows in their first performance of the season! It was such an incredible thing to get to see and if you ever get the opportunity to go and see them fly, do it! The tricks they can do, the speeds they go up to and the sheer beauty of it all was phenomenal.

All in all I had a really busy but incredible week! And summer is going to be just as amazing up until I go back to Birmingham at the end of the month. I have a few posts I'd like to get up before going off to Bali so keep your eyes peeled!

Em x


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