Sunday, 22 June 2014

♥ The Sunday Post #8

This week I've been in Bali, Malaysia, London, Birmingham and Falmouth - and squeezed reading a book, getting a tattoo and going out to dinner and watching the England-Uruguay match all into the free time between this. It's safe to say I've been positively rushed off my little toes! It has, however, all been absolutely incredible!

On Monday morning we sadly jetted out of Bali to an eight hour stop over in Kuala Lumpur. The majority of the party ventured out into the city and had a look around but myself and Jo fell ill and spent our eight hours purchasing books (Mitch Albom's memoir, Tuesdays with Morrie is a definite must read!) and drinking coffee in Starbucks! It was really tough to get up at six, leave for the airport, have a three hour flight then stay in the airport for eight hours and then tackle another 12 hour flight and two hour journey home from Heathrow - but we did it. Just about. After getting home to Birmingham I went straight off and had another piece added to my leg. You can see my new tattoo here. The next morning, at seven, I was up and out again to get the coach back home to Falmouth! I've tried to chill out since I got back but I've picked up my results, had a tutorial to discuss my work and where to go with it to improve in second year, gone for a lovely meal in 'Shed' and gotten into a relationship!! It's been the craziest, most enjoyable few weeks of my life and I'm in such a positive, happy, place within my soul and head and heart right now!

My results for second semester where worth all the hard work. I managed to get all 2:1's in my three modules and I'm positive that with enough motivation and hard word I can start getting those firsts next year. I didn't expect to do that well at all so it was definitely a good surprise to open up my assessments!

Now, I'm going to spend my Sunday reading some more and having a BBQ with the bunch of us who are still on campus! Hope you're all having a wonderful day and enjoying the weather!

Em x


  1. Wow! seems like you've got a pretty cool week! x


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