Friday, 20 June 2014

♥ Superdrug Splurge!

This week has been a truly hectic one, but I'll save all the boring long stuff for Sunday! Today, however, I've had a chance to just chill out and visit Falmouth in the sunshine and have a wander around the roads I've not travelled down. I came across a beautiful second hand book shop (I annoyingly didn't check the name of it) that had wooden boxes and shelves full of everything from books on the Red Arrows to collections of Milton's poetry. As a writer, it was some sort of gold mine for me and I purchased Irvine Welsh's Glue for £3 and a copy of The Hobbit for £4. I have my eyes on a boxed edition of The Lord Of The Rings set that the owner has and a beautiful and really old copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland! I know I'll certainly be going back there over the next few years.

Apart from these books, I wandered into Superdrug to pick up some Bepanthen for my new tattoo and obviously I ended up spending £15!

It included my first purchases from Superdrugs super cheap MUA. I went for their palette in Undressed which costs a tiny £4 and is a lot like the Urban Decay palettes. I ummed and ahhed over their matte palette but I think I can play about with this collection just that little bit more. Secondly, a girl I follow on Instagram posted her brand new luxe lip lacquer yesterday and I was in love with the colour and I knew the price would be incredible. It cost £3 and the colour, Kooky is a deep purple that supposedly dries matte. I'm so intrigued with this because I've only recently started pushing myself to wear colour on my lips and I wouldn't go near a gloss on the majority of occasions. Hopefully, this is a wonder product. I didn't realise this, but purple must have been on my mind because the new shade of Color Show polish I picked up is also purple: Purple Gem. It's not as dark as the lip lacquer and has a metallic sheen but Superdrug were offering a buy one get one half price deal on all Maybelline products so I just had to. The other product I got was their version of a matte powder. I got it in the Natural Beige shade, two shades darker than I'd usually go for, as my Bali tan is making all my foundation and powder transform me into a ghost! I bought this as a repurchase of my Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder after I dropped and broke the lid and now can't carry it around with me! I'm sure it's just as good and Maybelline are my favourite drug store brand so I have high hopes. This ones a new release so I'll let you know how I get on with it, along with the other products too!

Have you tried any of these products? How did you get along with them?

Em x


  1. Haha, just the bepanthen on my three little peeps when they were bubs. It doubled as a fab lip balm!

    1. ah! no way! it's my holy grail of tattoo aftercare! sure it will come in handy when i have little ones!


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