Thursday, 12 June 2014

♥ Bali: Day Three

Yesterday was the most phenomenal experience. We were up really early to be out by nine and we drove to the biggest Hindu Temple in Bali. We had the opportunity to pray with those who were worshipping and it was so humbling. You rub your hands together over incense and pick up flowers and they throw holy water over you and stick rice to you. It was really surreal to me as I'd been brought up as catholic. It was a new approach to worship and I found it really calming. We then got taken to lunch at a lovely buffet sort of place with a view of one of the volcanos. As we were leaving out guide showed us that they had a resident fruit bat and it was incredible to get to pet him. They're my favourite animals so I was so so excited! We then went for a drink in the old crater of the volcano, it was phenomenal!! 

At the end of the day we went to see a waterfall and there were loads of monkeys playing in the trees around it. We were all so tired and got to come back to the villa to steak night! Today we are off on a boat trip to snorkel and see a ship wreck and one of the beautiful beaches close by! 


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