Wednesday, 4 June 2014

♥ Topshop Holiday Haul

Sorry for the awful quality photo, but I just couldn't wait to get this post up! This morning I got the long awaited text from Topshop telling me my order was out for delivery and I couldn't have been more excited. Luckily, I have a hugely generous Dad who let me spend some money on his Burton's card (it's an Arcadia group store card) and I got myself a few goodies for my holiday. It all came in at £55 pounds after student discount and I'm surprised that I managed to grab so much for such a little price tag!

First up, is my first purchase from Topshop's make up counter. It's their powder blush in Do It Again and it's such a lovely peachy colour which I'm sure will work just perfectly with a tan and for a natural look in Bali's soaring temperatures.

Then there's a tight fitting white crop top. I went for all 12's in the tops because I get paranoid that they won't fit around boobs or will be just a little too tight - and when purchasing online I didn't want to get it wrong as I fly out in a few days and there would be no time to get them replaced. The tight crop top is a brave choice for me as I've never been too fond of showing off my stomach, but I hope to snag a plain maxi dress to team with this as a really simple summer look.

I then put two cropped cami's into my online basket. These two come in at £6 each or two for £10, so I chose one white and one black version. They fit so well and hang off the body - boobs - just right. They're loose fitting so they won't make you too warm.

I then bought two other crop tops (yep, a total of five all together!) that are loose fitting ribbed vests. I wanted these because I have similar versions from H&M which I purchased last year, but it seems I've lost my beloved grey one so I had to replace it! I bought these in black and grey and I know I'll be wearing them both all the time.

Finally, I felt I needed another bikini. Both for holiday and because I live in Cornwall so we escape to the beach whenever we have a warm, sunny day! I chose one of Topshop's mix and match sets, in the colour Flame Orange and I couldn't have been more shocked when I opened the bag up. It's the brightest orange I could ever imagine and I'm so excited to wear it. It's obvious that when it comes to my clothing I'm not too adventurous. I stick to my whites, greys, blues and blacks. This is something that's completely different to what I'd usually wear and I can not wait to strut around in it! The photo doesn't do the colour justice at all, but I'm sure I'll have photo's to show you all sooner or later!

I bought this all while Topshop had a free shipping on orders over £50 deal on, and while I'm not sure whether this is a permanent deal or not it's definitely worth checking out their website at the moment and you can get some great summer steals for really cheap prices. If you'd like to know which exact products I chose let me know and I'll send you in the right direction!

Em x


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