Sunday, 29 June 2014

♥ The Sunday Post #9

Today has been hectic to say the least. Yesterday my dad drove me (and all my belongings) back home to Birmingham as my stay in halls came to an end. Today was a chance for me to unpack and make my room pretty as I'm staying here for the next eight or nine weeks. We had so much rubbish building up in the spare room that I use when I'm here so it was a task to sort through everything and move my things in. I managed to go through an old wardrobe and now, after living out of a suitcase in all my other stints at home, I have somewhere to put everything. I finally have all my treats from Bali up, too, which is absolutely lovely!

It's been tough to know that I'll be away from the familiarity of Falmouth and all of my friends for so long, but I'm really excited to spend some time in the city and working!

Hope you're all well!

Em x


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