Saturday, 14 June 2014

♥ Bali: Day Four

Yesterday we visited Monkey Forest in Ubud. It cost about £1.50 and we got to walk through a forest in which the monkeys live freely. There were temples and walk throughs that were just heaving with monkeys. Many of them were carrying their newborn and it was truly phenomenal to see. Throughout the walk you could buy bananas for the monkeys to eat but as soon as you did that monkeys would be jumping all over you to try and get them. They were all so tame and well behaved and only got irritable if their baby was interacting with you. My favourite bit about the day was just that although the monkeys may have stuck around because they knew that they would be fed by the tourists. They weren't under any obligation to stay. They were free and the staff made sure tourists were safe and they fed them too. 

It was a lovely day out and today we've just chilled by the pool as we spent so much money shopping yesterday! 


  1. So jealous, this looks amazing! I would love to visit Bali!

    Fleur x


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