Thursday, 5 June 2014

♥ Holiday Essentials

My childhood wasn't your average childhood. I know that many families never have the money to holiday every year, or every few years even, but my family used to go away a few times a year when I was a toddler. Then in 2002 my mom took terribly ill and spent six years in the hospital - much of which was unconscious and hooked up to life support. This meant we never had the chance to go away as a family again and now we only venture on caravan holidays in Cornwall where I now live. The first time I remember being on holiday is the treat of going to America (Florida and Disneyland!) with my dad's sister, as a treat for coping so well with everything we were going through. It was such an incredible trip and I'll never forget it. I was eleven years old and it wasn't until last year that I got invited away with my really good friend, Nathan, that I got to go abroad again. I was super lucky in that all I had to pay for was my flight and we were staying in a private villa, so I didn't end up very out of pocket!

This year, I've had the chance to go on another holiday of a lifetime with one of my best friends, Jo. She's celebrating her 21st birthday in July and her parents are whisking us off to Bali on Sunday and I couldn't be more excited.

Bali is in Indonesia and I can only imagine how hot it will be. I'm expecting it to be above thirty degrees every day and to come back with a really good tan so I suppose the heat will be worth it! That of course means loads of sun cream, moisturiser and aftersun!

My essentials doesn't consist of too much - loose tops, shorts and comfy shoes... But there are some other luxuries. The sunglasses pictured are going to be my saviour! I picked each pair up off Asos for around £12! I've purchased a travel pack of Nivea face wipes (£1.50 for seven in Superdrug) so I can treat my skin and take any makeup off before bed. I'll be taking Superdrugs own brand aftersun and using it very generously every day, along with their SPF 50 sun spray! My trusty E45 is also in my suitcase. There's not too much left and I'll probably use this in the mornings after I've showered! My iPod just has to come - along with a few books! The flight will be around sixteen hours so I need to keep myself occupied as i absolutely hate flying! In make up terms, though I'm taking my huge make up bag, I suppose I'll be quite bear for the most part. I'm relying on a little of my No 7 bb cream over suncream as it does have an SPF of 15, and it will just help cover any red blotches! My Scandaleyes mascara is also coming - I couldn't live without it.

I am, however, ditching the straighteners at home! I have a salt spray that I think I'll run through my hair of a morning just to give some volume as it definitely needs a break!

As I said, I'm beyond excited for this holiday and I'm certain I'll do loads of incredible things while I'm out there. There's wifi in our villa so I'm going to do my best to keep you updated!

Em x


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